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American Man Breaks Guinness World Record With Largest Stack Of Casino Chips – WATCH

Almost everyone has tried stacking chips one after another to create little mountains, but Travis Stich and the Minnesota Chip Stackers in Shakopee, MN can make it almost an art. They were able to create the world’s largest stack of casino chips by 340 and secure their spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Travis, who has dreamed of holding a world record since he was a child, is a professional poker dealer and this has allowed him to constantly perfect his craft. However, he struggled to create the world record on his own and hence he took the help of the Minnesota Chip Stackers who surprisingly didn’t practice much before achieving the feat.

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“The biggest challenge was not the attempt itself, as the stacking of the chips went smoothly,” he explained, speaking to the Guinness Book of World Records.

“The biggest problem I had was organizing everything to coordinate all the attendees, the host, the videographer, the media, and trying to make it a fun, well-run event for everyone. learned a lot about organizing a group GWR record attempt with this event and I’m already looking forward to my next group attempt!”

However, this was not Travis’ first record. It was the second world record for him as previously he landed both feats – most playing cards thrown consecutively into a target and most playing cards in a deck thrown into a target.