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Cascades Casino chef aims for best overall menu in North Bay

“We plan to host many sporting events and have a very good sound system with 16 TVs in addition to a 110” projection TV”

The chef of the new Casino Cascades is aiming high as the establishment prepares for a soft opening this Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Steve, chef of the MATCH restaurant and public house strom recount BayToday that the establishment’s kitchen is state-of-the-art, this will allow it to create the “best overall menu” in North Bay.

“I think it’s the best menu north of Barrie,” strom said enthusiastically.

strom has a lot of experience, starting with grandview in Huntsville and move to Deerhurst at the G8 world leaders meeting in June 2010. He has cooked in the Yukon, northern Quebec, Labrador and South America.

“I was right in the middle of the Amazon making an isolated camp there. We were there to introduce safe cooking and health measures.”

He brings that experience to North Bay.

“My curries are amazing. I have lots of different ideas!”

The modern kitchen will strom flexibility to respond to customer requests when people need something special made for them. He says 85% of everything is made in-house.

“If they have any food issues or things they just can’t eat, we are able to accommodate them and provide them with a fantastic meal. I cook my own Ponzu (a Japanese dip) that contains all sorts of stuff. Most people buy it in a jar. In fact, we make it ourselves. We make our own pizza, pulled beef that’s slow-braised overnight, and our own ribs, so it’s an amazing menu. »

strom is most proud of the restaurant’s ribs and pulled pork.

“They will stand out because they will be cooked overnight. There are so many little steps involved. The ribs themselves require several hours of braising, which is done in our new combined ovens. It is a combination of dry and moist heat to obtain a perfect braising. Then we roast it with our own homemade barbecue sauce.”

James Sweeney is the General Manager of Food and Beverage at Cascades and expects this to be a whole new experience for people.

“We’ve invested a lot of money and time into this. We have a lovely 79-seat heated patio outside with gas fire pits. We even have misters that spray cold water when it’s hot. hot in the summer.”

The doors concertina open so diners have full access to the entertainment inside, which seats approximately 225 people.

“We plan to have lots of sporting events and a very good sound system with 16 TVs in addition to a 110 inch projection TV.”

The company is a partner of the NFL and will host many other sporting events including cfu (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Sweeney also says he plans to focus on hiring local musical talent to entertain.

Popular local musician Peter Cliche will be the first act to perform in the venue. on Friday the 11th, Roadhouse will be hosting a special St. Patrick’s Day event and blues man Jake Thomas will also appear in the near future.

Sweeney encourages local bands to contact him if they wish to perform, saying the restaurant would like to attract as many local musical talents as possible.

“We’re very interested in doing a lot of live music, we think North Bay has lost that over the last few years. We have the casino on the other side, but if that’s not your thing, you can definitely enjoy our live bands, or do both.”

Although you must be 18 to enter the casino, the restaurant and patio are suitable for families of all ages.

You can also have a drink in the restaurant and wander around the casino freely.

“It’s one of the defining characteristics of the gaming brand at all of our casinos is that you’re not limited to amenities,” says Rob Mitchell, Director of Communications. “The 18+ rule only applies to the game room so families can come in and enjoy the terrace etc. We are fully authorized so you can move freely between locations. It’s not just exclusively gambling.”

The casino part has 300 slot machines, six tables and 10 virtual tables.

At the end of the casino is the Summit Bar which will serve the gaming room. There’s also room service, and soft drinks and coffee are available.

“You can go to the game room, have a beer there, and then go to the Match with your beer and watch the band play or a sports game. Basically, it’s just an open concept area where you can walk around and enjoy.”

The casino will operate 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 4 a.m. Friday and Saturday at 300 Pinewood Park Dr,