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High-ranking Chicago cop defends casino DJ gig while on sick leave

An internal investigation has been opened after a high-ranking Chicago police officer was seen on video working as a DJ at a casino in northwest Indiana while on sick leave from the police department.

Captain Saadia Carter, who led a unit that investigates child sexual abuse and is the wife of the city’s second police officer, played a DJ set last month at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond as part of a ‘an event commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

Carter, whose stage name is DJ Chyna, acknowledged in a Facebook post last month that she was on the ‘Medical Roll’ after shoulder surgery as she fended off criticism from the former contestant at mayor’s Paul Vallas, who noted Carter “moonlit as a DJ”. and was seen “holding her arm up” during the performance.

An investigation into the case was opened after an anonymous tip was made to the department’s Office of Internal Affairs, a law enforcement source told the Sun-Times.

Carter declined an interview request, but she denied any wrongdoing on Facebook. The law enforcement source said she was not paid to perform and had been cleared in advance to attend the event by the department.

February 18, Vallas slammed Carter on Facebook while claiming that the “real problem” of the police department is a system that promotes “unqualified and undeserving personnel to leadership positions and gives them preferential treatment.” Vallas noted that Carter is the wife of the First Deputy Superintendent. Eric Carter while decrying his DJ set.

“What kind of example of leadership is this?” Vallas said.

Carter fired back later that daycriticizing the failed mayoral race in Vallas and criticizing his record as head of public schools in several towns.

As she fought back, Carter said she and other Chicago cops started a DJ group during the pandemic ‘to spread love through music’ and ‘show police in a different light’ . But she insisted she was following “all the rules regarding my recovery from a work-related injury”.

“I had surgery on my shoulder and to be honest with you it takes more force and effort to turn a steering wheel than it does to Deejay,” she wrote. “Current equipment basically requires you to hit buttons.

“My hobby brings me much needed peace and happiness as I struggle to recover and watch my husband work his AZZ daily for this great city, and still be targeted for political gain. “