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How Casino Sponsorship Impacts Horse Racing

When watching any type of sport, you might notice that there are brand logos on t-shirts, protective gear, cars and, in the case of horse racing, on the jockey jersey.

You’ll often see travel agencies, major food and beverage brands and other lifestyle brands as sponsors – but more recently you’ll see the bold logos of online casino games brands.

The reasoning behind this trend is brand association: seeing your favorite horses racing down the track with specific casinos on jockeys’ shirts will make viewers more likely to associate the brand with the sport.

Let’s take a look at what casino sponsorship looks like and its impact on the sport itself.

What is a casino referral?

The online casino industry is booming and there are more online casino choices than ever before. Many online casinos are lucky enough to operate in a state or country that allows sports betting.

A casino sponsorship is not only lucrative for the team, but it connects the casino to the team. Viewers are likely to place a bet with the company while watching the game, and it’s a win for all.

A casino will offer a racing or sports team a set amount of money for a set period of time in exchange for having their logo on the team’s jerseys for the new season and other marketing items.

Do races get a lot of money for sponsors?

In March 2021, it was reported by the betting and gaming council that horses race receives a whopping £350million a year for media rights, betting levy payments and sponsorships.

Why would a casino want to sponsor horse racing?

In the United States alone, in 2020, horse racing would have a market value of $3 billion. In the UK, horse racing is the fourth most popular sport, with six million people attending horse races every year.

Popular casinos are always looking for ways to attract more customers and players, and one of the best ways to connect directly with their audience is to have their logo on the jockeys jersey.

Here are some of the ways casinos benefit from sponsorship:

Expand into new markets: Depending on where the casino is based, it may have been limited in what it could offer in terms of games, so expanding into the sports iGaming market is a competitive place. What better way to make a splash than by sponsoring horses and jockeys at key events?

Brand reputation: Unfortunately, online casinos don’t have a great reputation even though they offer many different types of games – some are even free! One of the biggest advantages of casinos that sponsor horse racing or racetracks is that they can benefit from horse racing’s reputation and improve their own.

Brand awareness : If you haven’t heard of a brand, you can’t verify them. What better place for a casino to put its mark than on the horses and jockeys people bet on?

Legitimacy: When new casino brands hit the market, it can be difficult to establish a foothold. Due to increased awareness of online security, online slots players are more vigilant and less likely to try new brands. Seeing a casino brand’s logo while watching a sport instantly lends its legitimacy.

Online casinos offer large and generous sponsorships, and this can help improve the team, gain access to new facilities, and more.

How does horse racing use sponsor money?

There are many different types of sponsorships, from small ones to individuals looking to take advantage of a day or two at the races and other special benefits.

Casino referrals are more of a “big fish” affair – because there’s a lot more money at stake.

Casino websites that sponsor horse racing make perfect sense in terms of partnership, as a sizable proportion of people watching the races will place a bet. This goes for people who place bets online and those who place bets at the racetrack.

In 2018, £2.5 billion was generated from online horse racing betting, and a total of $14.5 billion from all races with in-person participation.

Horse racing levy

The Horserace Levy Betting Board has a 10% collection on all horse race bets. This jackpot increases prizes, improves horse care, and creates better racetrack facilities for racing fans and jockeys.

Earnings of jockeys

Jockeys are different from most other sports people because they are usually self-employed. They all get a riding fee for every race they run and if their horse runs well they will get part of the purse but from that money they have to pay for insurance, agents, du union of riders, servants, etc.

This is where sponsorships and cash prizes come in. Cash prizes are earned, while sponsorship is a mutually beneficial situation. The jockey will receive a payment based on his success, his profile and the negotiating ability of his agent.

Sponsor money invested in horse racing is used to improve the sport in the right way. Jockeys benefit directly from higher income, while horses benefit from better facilities at the racetracks they visit.

Not only that, but with the casinos sponsoring the sporthe is more likely to raise wages, thereby increasing total levies – which all goes to improving the sport.

Horse racing casino sponsorships are mutually beneficial and we will likely see more in the next few years.