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Live dealer casino games explained to beginners

What are live casino games and how do they work? Read our guide to understand how live casino games work for players in 2022.

Live dealer casino games are easily considered to be the most realistic and atmospheric types of casino games you can play in 2022. However, if you’re one of the uninitiated or just don’t haven’t made the switch yet, what are you missing? How do live casino games work? Join us as we explain everything in our short but concise guide.

It all starts with a casino account

Before you can play live dealer casino games, you will need an account. You don’t need to go to a dedicated live casino to find these games. They are so popular that they can now be found in virtually any online casino. Just check that there is a section called “live” or “live casino” first.

Choose your live casino games

You should aim to choose an online casino that offers software from the biggest providers in the industry, such as Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and Pragmatic Play. The greater the number of live software providers, the greater the game library will be. You should easily find live casino games of baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, but it’s nice to see other options, including craps, poker, money wheel, lottery, and games TVs also available.

The Technology Behind Live Dealer Titles

Do you know the technology behind live dealer titles? If not, you probably don’t know how they work. Basically, live video is broadcast from a casino or studio, where an actual human dealer takes control of the action. For this reason, however, you will need a reliable and stable connection. If you lose your connection, you’ve essentially lost your bet. The game will not crash until you return like RNG (random number generator) titles do.

How to Play Live Casino Games Online

You will start playing live casino games by placing a bet. You can do this digitally via the on-screen menu. The human dealer won’t touch your money (how could he?). Likewise, if you are playing with cards, the dealer takes control of his own hand with physical cards, while your hands are displayed digitally on the screen, or each player will use the same actual cards as displayed.

Each game has its own rules, and you can chat with the dealer (via a text box), who can respond while the game is played, adding more realism to the titles.

What about High-Roller variants and tables?It is possible to play high roller live casino games, but these are not open to all players. They will usually be called VIP, Salon Privé or Diamond games, and you may need to be a VIP member or a high-ranking member of an online casino to play them. However, some sites – such as Rollers Casino – offer high stakes games to all players on