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Top 3 Culturally Themed Casino Games and Their Fascinating Origins

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Real world and online casino games come in all shapes and sizes with many themes based on various cultures. Three of the most popular cultural themes for these games are Indian Bollywood, Irish Lore, and Ancient Egypt.


Many casino games give a cultural nod to India with games such as Indian Ruby or Jewels of India, but perhaps the most famous theme is Bollywood with games such as Bollywood Story, Bollywood Bonanza and Bollywood Diva. People from all parts of the world are fascinated by Bollywood films and love the aesthetics of jewelry and colors, but may not know its origins.

Bollywood is a cheeky nickname for the Indian film industry, often referred to as Bombay Film Business. The very first film shot and shown in India dates back to 1896 in Bombay, which is now Mumbai. In the 1930s, Hindi feature films became so popular that huge movie theaters were built all over India. Hollywood of Los Angeles may have grown faster than Bollywood, but today Bollywood is the biggest film producer in the world and has been for over a decade. Popular classic films include Mother India, Dil Chahta Hai and Sholay.

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Irish folklore

If you’ve ever played an online casino game to win a pot of gold, you’ve been immersed in true Irish folklore. Games such as Rainbow Riches slots, Slots O’ Gold and Leprechauns’ Gold feature the telltale signs of St. Patrick’s Day, but where did the leprechaun myth come from and what is really there? end of the rainbow?

The tradition of leprechauns began in the eighth century and during that time most people thought they were real. Believed to be part fairies, these little companions dwelt in hollow tree trunks and caves. There are two ancient words behind the word leprechaun. It is said that “Lucorpán” means small body and “Leath Bhrogan” is an ancient term meaning cobbler. The famous tradition says that the elves were the cobblers of the fairy world and this is how they won their famous pot of gold, before hiding it where no human could find it, at the end of a bow -in sky.

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Ancient Egypt

The modern world is fascinated by ancient Egypt and all the mysteries it holds – the legends, the pyramids, the Nile and the pharaohs are present in popular culture. Ancient Egypt has been borrowed for movies, TV shows, beauty, fashion and architecture, but it has also become known as one of the main themes of online casino games. Players have the choice between Book of Dead, Ramses Revenge and Golden Glyph, but why is the world so fascinated by this ancient culture?

The West’s fascination with Egypt began in 1798 when Napoleon invaded with 167 scholars. Their discoveries of ancient antiquities, including obelisks and the Rosetta Stone, fascinated people into a frenzy dubbed Egyptomania. Since then, the mystery of hidden tombs, tricked-out chambers, sunken cities, hieroglyphics and an interesting burial ritual has fascinated the masses.