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Why are “Provably Fair” casino games taking over traditional slot machines?

Fair games are casino titles that allow you to check the fairness of the results. In theory, casinos with proven fairness cannot cheat since they would easily get caught.

Fair games are the result of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Basically, this type of game helps you identify a legit casino.

NEO, Ethereum and other smart contract platforms do not allow online casinos to alter results. The titles on these platforms are based on complex programming code. As such, gambling sites cannot modify anything.

But why are these games taking over traditional casino slot machines? This article aims to shed some light on that.

Fairness in casino games

One of the main things players need from online casinos is a good chance of winning. While most players think that online games work just fine, others still have doubts. And that’s for a good lesson.

Recently, some game providers have started developing games with proven fairness. This was after noticing unprecedented trust issues.

To solve the problem of transparency in iGaming, demonstrable fairness is crucial. Software developers always give assurance that their titles generate results randomly using the RNG algorithm. Reputable providers like NetEnt go even further to ask for certification of authenticity of the results.

Despite this, transparency remains a defect, especially with traditional games. This is because only software providers understand how a game’s algorithm actually works. Thus, games with proven fairness are developed to meet players’ demand for transparency.

At first glance, slot machines with proven fairness usually appear unsophisticated and basic compared to traditional machines. However, we all know that looks can sometimes be deceiving.

As simple as they seem, games with proven fairness have elaborate, fair and complex systems. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are not fooled.

Stunning graphics are still not the strong point of games with proven fairness. That said, verifiable slots have huge advantages in a world dominated by classic slots.

How to Determine Demonstrable Equity in a Casino

Simply put, games with proven fairness use a separate RNG system to provide transparency. With each draw or spin, you can easily know if the game results are fair or not.

So how do you check the demonstrable fairness of games on a gambling site? To understand the concept, let’s dive into the different parts of algorithms.

Servers, users and their seeds

All players of an online gaming site are considered users. When playing, part of the seed comes from a user’s device.

On the other hand, the online casino hosting a game is considered the server. This is the server that hosts the Provably Fair slot with complex algorithms.

Before placing your bet, the casino client provides an encrypted hash. It is in the hash that you will find the seed of the server.

A user’s seed interacts with the casino server’s seed to determine betting outcomes. Since users receive the seed from the server, the gambling site cannot alter the betting results.

The hash procedure

Casino server seeds are normally encrypted using a hash function called the Secure hash algorithm. The chopped seed usually interacts with your browser seed to determine the results of your bet.

The hash is important because it makes it impossible to decrypt, read, or reverse-engineer the seed.

As such, you or the casino cannot hack it to alter betting results. However, when the game session is over, users can decrypt the seeds from the server for verification of results. In most cases, you will definitely determine that random and fair betting has taken place.

Nonce functions

Nonces are active numbers that increase with each bet a player places. Before spinning the reels or pressing the deal button, the nonce of a slot machine starts at 0. With each bet made, the nonce increases by +1.

More importantly, all nonces are integers. Some of them are universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) generated by the device. Basically, nonces work by remaining unpredictable so that requests aren’t sent twice.

Fair games have these characteristics to ensure transparency throughout the game.

Provably Fair Casino Games – The Future of Online Slots

Traditional casino games work just fine as is. Online casinos ensure this because they have a reputation and a fan base to nurture.

In recent years, however, there has been an increase in rogue gambling sites. As a result, online casinos have started offering games with proven fairness.

The most popular proven fair games currently are Aviator, Plinko and Mines. All of them are developed by Scribe, an Estonia-based software provider, licensed under UKGC. It focuses on creating a new breed of casino games, aimed at millennials.

Such a move has seen more people attracted to such titles. Obviously, provable fair games are multiplying rapidly. These slots actually outperform traditional casino slots.

Why is this happening then? Is this the start of something good? Join us as we explore why provable fair slots are quickly taking over.

First of all, fair provable slots have their advantages. Here are the benefits of these games and why they are the future of slots.

You can check betting results

We have already described how provable fair games work and how to verify their fairness. This is an inherent advantage of provable slots over traditional games.

On regular iGaming sites, you cannot check the fairness of the results. Indeed, software providers and gaming sites control everything internally. Instead, you have to rely on third-party audits like eCOGRA and iTech Labs.

Online casinos with audited and approved games display lab seals on their home pages. It is certainly good for a casino to be subject to fairness audits.

But what about those who haven’t had their slot machines tested? With slots with proven fairness, you become the listener. You can determine if a game was fair or not.

They have elements similar to traditional slot machines

For the most part, games with proven fairness have most (if not all) of the characteristics of traditional games. As such, you’ll feel right at home with plenty of slots proven to be fair. The best part, games with proven fairness, have additional features and some fantastic tweaks.

Since these games are crypto-based, you can use them for investments. You can choose to place bets only when the market value of your crypto is high.

Generally higher RTPs

Gambling enthusiasts know the importance of RTPs. Return to player ratios affect your chances of winning in the long run. For example, a slot machine with an ROI of 97% has a better chance of winning compared to an RTP of 95%.

Normally, traditional slot machines have RTPs between 95% and 96%. With provable fair games, you can find RTPs of up to 98%.

This does not mean that you blindly trust a game with proven fairness to deliver excellent RTPs. Be sure to check the game’s help screen for such information.

As a final note…

The buck stops with you at the end of the day. You will have to decide whether or not to bet on slot machines with proven fairness. But the decision should be easier now that you understand why fair slots are so useful. It is certainly a good idea to bet on slot machines whose results you can check.