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4 TV Shows That Became Fun Casino Games – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

When a gaming industry reaches mind-boggling levels of popularity, it must find ways to entertain its customers. This is the problem facing online casinos today. Valued at over $100 billion worldwide, the industry is seeing demand from gamers that their rivals and peers can only dream of.

As a result, online casinos have turned to new strategies to help them maintain their trajectory. One of them is to use TV shows as themes for casino games, especially online slots. And it was a huge success, as these four series and slots show.


Narcos is the type of show that permeates popular culture. With Pablo Escobar as the protagonist, it’s easy to see why so many people are obsessed with the Netflix drama, so much so that a sister show aired to 50.3 million viewing hours in its first week ( Narcos Mexico).

From that perspective, it’s no surprise that NetEnt took a punt and turned the series into a slot machine. After all, the fanbase is huge. Of course, the gameplay is perfect for the fast-paced action players expect to find on slots, with characters acting as wild cards and 243 ways to win.

The Walking Dead

Nothing says “hit the slot machine” better than a zombie apocalypse. Seriously, originality goes a long way because operators like to offer unique offers. The zombie vertical hasn’t reinvented the wheel, but the undead haven’t traditionally been too popular when it comes to slot machine themes. Vampires seems to offer a more thrilling adventure, or at least that’s what the developers seem to believe.

Fortunately, Playtech saw the potential and released the critically acclaimed AMC Original. What players love is the number of features and extras that can potentially lead to rewards. For example, The Walking Dead slot has 50 fixed paylines, four jackpots, five rounds of free spins, and a max win of over 2,000 times your stake.


If you’re wondering where you’ve heard of Plinko before, it’s The Price Is Right. There is an online slot The Price Is Right developed by IGT which features famous bonus rounds including Plinko. However, the feature is beloved, meaning it received a standalone slot edition of the same name when BGaming discontinued it years ago.

First, you need to answer one question – how do you play Plinko? If you are unsure, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the rules, otherwise the game will go over your head. Once you are ready to play, the RTP of 99% will interest you because the house edge is 1%, which is unheard of. Moreover, the gameplay is fast, which makes it perfect for casinos.

game of thrones

A slot game version of GoT was inevitable as soon as it became HBO’s most popular television series in 2014. This kind of commercial influence is impossible to ignore, and the fight for the rights was on. Microgaming took the accolades and launched the GoT-inspired online slot in 2014 to capitalize on the movement.

Many versions have been released since, adding improvements to the game, but the basics remain the same. The Game of Thrones slot is simple to follow and uses the likeness of its main characters to grab users’ attention.

These four examples are not the end of the strategy. Expect to see many more online casinos in the future!