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5 reasons behind the incredible growth of the online casino industry in Canada

A simple Google search for “Top Gambling Countries” will reveal that Canadians are playing the most, in almost every result generated! Colombo Telegraph, an online news website in February 2021, ranked Canada as the top online betting country in terms of ‘freedom of play’, ‘highest player population’ at 75%, this which represents a total of 19.3 million Canadians and the “biggest spenders”. ” with an average of $570 in one year! Canucks take advantage of all casino offers including free demo slots, Internet Slots Canada, etc to gain experience and play as a recreational activity, hence the high turnover of the game!

All of these factors are attributed to the continued growth of the online casino industry, which includes:

  • Accessible and stable Internet connectivity
  • Increased use of smart devices
  • Relaxed laws regulating the gambling industry
  • Increased use of mobile casinos
  • More game choices for the Canucks

Accessible and stable Internet connectivity

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) reports that a measure of “good internet speed” for any Canadian is broadband with download speeds of at least 50mbs and an upload speed of 10mbs. The main reason for this broadband Internet is that many Canadians work from home. Thus, Internet access is widespread. Additionally, the government is working to provide stable access by improving “latency levels” and “data cap”. Ads on Canadian cellphones often come with ads that reference data or download speeds instead of data used each month while reducing latency levels for a seamless experience, according to Whistleout.

In today’s technology, internet speeds around the world have taken off from 5G networks, which deliver fast speeds while connecting everyone and everything, according to TO Times. At the same time, you can send large data without interruptions or slow uploads or downloads. Accessibility and provision of stable internet connectivity allows for a quality gaming environment. Canadians from across the country can log on to online gaming sites in Canada and play any time of the day or night.

Increased use of smart devices

Electronic Products and Technology, an online website specializing in technology and smart device news, reports that 92% of Canadians own and use smart devices at home and at work through a report from NordVPN. Smart devices are driven by the continued growth and advancement of technology, and Canada ranks among the top countries with the best adaptations to recent technologies. Thus, mobile devices, a smartphone, a smartwatch and other smart devices will not be missing in a household. Today, a Canuck can ask Alexa to search for “popular casino sites” and display the results on your TV or tablet without leaving your seat or typing a search word!

The ease of use of smart devices has simplified the front of the game in Canada, making it an accessible service online. The “functional and attractive” appearance of smart devices further improves their suitability for the use of online gambling. Smart devices are often “compact and portable”, providing gaming services from anywhere without fail, which has a huge impact on the gaming industry and leads to its continuous and dynamic growth!

Relaxed laws regulating the gambling industry

Canada can be described as the “most diverse” country when it comes to laws and regulations. Players have more opportunities to play and fewer laws to follow when playing online. A player can explore and use online gambling sites to generate money. The only condition is to qualify the activity as “Leisure” and not employment, and the player is good to go. Government gambling laws classify online gambling as a recreational activity. Thus, players do not pay taxes on their winnings in most Canadian provinces, unlike other countries in the world! The history of gambling in Canada also supports this laid-back approach to gambling regulation by gaming authorities in Canada.

Since the gambling industry is quite proactive and dynamic, the 1970s were a time for casinos to make their case and receive the proper government licenses and approvals! From this period to date, the industry has grown and transformed to include online gambling sites and live casinos in the recent past. The evolution of the industry has also introduced digital currencies to online casinos, whether you are using mobile casinos or desktop versions!

Increased use of mobile casinos

Statista reports that mobile phone users in Canada are expected to grow to 33 million by 2024, from 29 million in 2018, in a report published in December 2020. The high number of mobile phone users has driven market demand for mobile phones. online casinos around the world. As a result, most sites have designed mobile casinos through websites optimized for mobile or mobile-based casino apps! These casinos offer bonuses and other mobile phone users, games and other benefits, matching the desktop casino versions!

Canadians can place bets using their cell phones. Accept and make payments with mobile payment platforms. Some of the most popular include Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and many more. Players can also transact using digital currencies such as bitcoin to play all selected games via mobile phone! Additionally, you can stream live games, participate in sports or esports betting, and receive notifications for any industry news using a smartphone.

More game choices for the Canucks

Every individual likes variety in every item, product or service. Continued use of the same product or service can become tedious after a while. Online casinos consider this factor to be crucial and therefore offer a variety of choices and types of games to Canadian players. For example, players can try their luck on online slot machines, considered the easiest to play, and win! However, online casinos offer various slot machines in different categories, including Jackpot, bonus pays three or five reels, Megaways, and more. At the same time, each online casino offers additional game types such as lotteries, classics or traditional card games like roulette or baccarat.

Recently, casinos have introduced live dealer games through a live casino, adding to the game choices available to Canucks. Live casinos give the impression of being in a physical casino. Players play against real opponents in different parts of the world; work with a live casino dealer via a virtual network! In 2019, esports betting became popular with the Covid-19 regulations and is now a thriving industry!


The growth of the gambling industry is the result of: accessible and stable Internet connectivity, increased use of smart devices, relaxed laws regulating the gambling industry, increased use of mobile casinos and increased game choices for Canadians. Others include increased marketing and advertising, various promotional offers and bonuses, and the presence of quality and trending tech apps!