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Are foldable phones making the online casino industry even more accessible?

The mobile industry gave online casinos a major boost throughout the 2010s. Before the rise of smartphones, sites were popular on desktop computers. Portable devices, however, have made them more accessible to more people. Now, mobile is the most common way to play online casino games like blackjack and slots.

Foldable smartphones could make these titles even more enjoyable, as they offer larger screens that allow gamers to see everything clearly. However, new devices are not yet considered mainstream.

Casino games often need a lot of screen space

When people play online casino games, they want to experience a mix of immersion and convenience. Mobiles certainly provide the latter, but some would argue that smaller screens can’t deliver the same levels of immersion as desktops. Yet many modern titles, such as Paddy Power Games’ online blackjack, are designed to adapt perfectly to mobile screens. Titles like Blackjack First Person have different high definition camera angles, and all can be viewed from a standard mobile. It’s also easy to scroll through all the options on a smartphone, and you can just swipe down until you find a game you like.

There is no doubt that using a slightly larger screen will make these games even more impressive. There’s been a recent increase in larger smartphones, with the iPhone Pro Max boasting an impressive 6.68-inch diagonal. The iGaming industry has clearly had an influence on these models, and they allow gamers to see more on screen. Foldable smartphones are the next step up from large smartphones, as they can offer good screen real estate while being compact in their folded state.

Foldable phones haven’t gone mainstream yet

Some tech experts have long predicted that foldable smartphones would be the future of the industry. Smartphone expert ZDNET has claimed that foldable phones could be the next big thing, and smartphones will follow the trajectory of pre-smartphone-era mobiles in their design.

There are already plenty of foldables for users to choose from, with some of the biggest global brands, including Samsung and Huawei, offering a wide range of devices. Although these phones offer a new experience and are packed with advanced technology, they are not yet part of the mainstream. Indeed, Samsung has only shipped around 13 million foldable devices so far, and those numbers are a far cry from the sales it enjoys for its standard smartphones.

The iPhone Flip could boost the concept of a foldable smartphone

Apple has traditionally had a say in the smartphone market, and when the iPhone was first released, it quickly became the leading brand. The same could happen when the company finally chooses to release its own foldable. There’s been a lot of speculation about when that might happen, with the iPhone Flip still in development. If this offer is launched, it could have a massive impact on the foldable smartphone market.

Foldable smartphones are great for online casino players as they allow for a larger display in a convenient form. However, it may take some time before these devices become mainstream and developers start to tailor their games to the gamers who use them.