Unlocking Opportunities: A Comprehensive Guide to the Firefighter I/II Position in Westminster (2023)


Welcome to Westminster, where the role of a Firefighter I/II is not just a job; it's a commitment to safeguarding lives and property. In this guide, we delve into the crucial aspects of the position, shedding light on the responsibilities, benefits, and the distinctive organizational culture that sets Westminster apart.

Understanding the Firefighter I/II Role

Key Duties and Responsibilities

In Westminster, a Firefighter I/II is at the forefront of emergency response. This includes proficiently suppressing fires, executing life-saving rescues, and administering emergency medical aid. Our firefighters are trained to handle routine and challenging situations, ensuring the safety of the public is the top priority.

Training and Skill Development

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the continuous training our firefighters undergo. From firefighting drills and first aid to evolving techniques, we prioritize skill enhancement. Physical fitness is paramount, with an annual fitness program ensuring our firefighters are prepared for the demanding nature of the job.

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive Salary Structure

Westminster values the dedication of its firefighters. The salary range for the Firefighter I/II position is competitive, ranging from $64,488.86 to $96,645.20 annually. Experience is duly recognized, with incremental steps ensuring fair compensation based on years of service.

Retirement Plan and Additional Language Bonus

Our firefighters benefit from the Fire & Police Pension Association (FPPA) - Statewide Defined Benefit Plan. Additionally, fluency in Spanish, Hmong, Laotian, or American Sign Language (ASL) can earn an annual bonus of up to $1,500, showcasing our commitment to linguistic diversity.

Westminster's Organizational Culture

Mission and Values

Westminster's mission is to provide core services and foster economic resilience for a thriving community. Our SPIRIT values - Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, and Teamwork - guide every aspect of our organizational culture.

Citywide Competencies

Our employees embody key competencies, including effective interpersonal relationships, initiative, problem-solving skills, accountability, and clear communication. These competencies form the foundation of a cohesive and efficient work environment.

Job Specific Functions and Requirements

Emergency Response Expertise

Westminster firefighters are equipped to handle diverse situations, from suppressing fires to administering emergency medical aid. They demonstrate adaptability, physical prowess, and the ability to act independently in challenging scenarios.

Educational and Certification Requirements

Candidates must possess a high school diploma or GED, be at least 18 years old, and hold a valid Colorado driver's license. Essential certifications include State of Colorado EMT-B, Firefighter I/II, Hazardous Materials Operations, and completion of the Firefighter I/II Academy.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

Firefighting is physically demanding, and our firefighters must demonstrate strength, stamina, and agility. The job entails exposure to various weather conditions and hazardous environments, showcasing the resilience required for the role.


Becoming a Firefighter I/II in Westminster is not just a career choice; it's a commitment to service, community, and personal growth. Our holistic approach to the role ensures that every firefighter is well-prepared, well-compensated, and an integral part of a community-focused organization.

Are you ready to embark on a journey where service, pride, and innovation converge? Explore the opportunities in Westminster today!

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