Casino games

Casino games and their impact on the gambling scene

Bettors enjoy live casino games primarily because they recreate the land-based experience. These games offer live streams of real dealers participating in the game. This type of game is more immersive with a different experience from others.

Since online casinos are legal in India, Indian players can easily participate in live gaming, and they can do so from the comfort of their homes. However, if you want a real gaming experience, you need to know what games to play and where to find them.

What live casino games can you find in India?

As a newbie player, the first thing to note is that not all games have a live casino version. However, those who bring together the advantages of physical and online gaming experience. Indian bettors can participate in several games which can be found here in the live casino, and also such as:

1. Live Dealer Blackjack


Live dealer blackjack games are similar to online blackjack games. The main difference is that there is the presence of a live dealer and players trying to beat the dealer’s hand. At the live dealer, blackjack has similar rules that the game follows, such as;

  • Aces are either 1 or 11 Blackjack wins x1.5 bet.
  • One of the dealer’s cards will be shown.
  • The live dealer game has minimum and maximum bets. The minimum bet is usually around 76 to 150 rupees and the maximum bet is around seven thousand rupees.

As a professional player looking to make some money while making sure you don’t miss out on the fun of the game, Live Dealer Blackjack is the one you should consider. You will also find it interesting because of the interactive user interface which makes it responsive on different devices.

2. Live Dealer Roulette


While roulette is a popular and easy to play game, one of its live advantages is that one table can accommodate multiple players. Therefore, if you have a group of friends with similar interests, you may decide to play together at the same table; it will be fun, the type you don’t want to miss. The types of bets available in live roulette are;

  • Straight
  • Split
  • Street
  • six lines
  • Corner
  • Trio
  • Basket

Playing live dealer roulette is the same at online casinos as it is at land-based casinos. Some additional benefits of Live Roulette are that it has different effects like replays and motion moves.

3. Baccarat with live dealer

Live and real baccarat games are distinguished by the house edge they offer. Players can join live baccarat on tight budgets. You bet if the player or the banker has the best hand. Players can also get player and banker to tie and use this to their advantage. Although it doesn’t happen often, the payouts are higher. Undoubtedly, Live Dealer Baccarat may seem a bit difficult for you as a beginner, but over time you will get used to it and appreciate the fun it offers.

4. Live Dealer Poker


Live dealer poker is usually a live dealer against multiple players. Live poker games replicate the physical gaming experience as everyone can see how much other players are winning. One dealer versus multiple players is one of the main disadvantages of poker. In the live casino, if your bet folds, you will always wait for others to place their bet.

5. Live Game Shows


Live game shows are unique and mostly available at live casinos; you must log in and stay online to enjoy these shows. The show comes with real hosts on stage and it is streamed in HD. Many gamers enjoy live game shows because of their visual appeal.

How can one participate in live casino games?

The growth of live casinos continues to attract the interest of many players in India and around the world. Still, it can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the game. While there’s a lot to know about participating in a live casino, here are some basics:

  • Choose a licensed and trusted gaming platform to play on, and this is important given the many options available in India. Don’t jump to any platform as they offer the game you want to play; take your time to review the platform and make sure it is the best one for you.
  • Create your online casino account and decide on a deposit limit to set up your account.
  • The rules of live roulette are the same as those of land-based games. But, an important change is the time limit for placing bets in each spin. As such, be careful when playing to avoid him running into you and causing you to lose.
  • Live blackjack rules are the same as real blackjack games; should not exceed 21.
  • Live baccarat games follow standard baccarat rules. Don’t start the live game until you have mastered the rule because it will save you a lot of time.
  • Real poker rules still apply to live poker.

What are the tips for playing live casino games?


Playing live games can be fun, but that’s not the end of it. You don’t want to get excited about a game and go home with nothing; you want money for your predictions. Before playing a live game, every player should follow some valuable tips, including:

  • Make sure your internet connection is active
  • Use game strategies applied to different games
  • Only deposit a small percentage of your money
  • Take advantage of live casino promotions
  • Know when to quit the game.


Live casino games are growing in popularity and are quite interesting because they make you feel like you are there. But one of the main disadvantages of the game is that it is only available for a limited number of games. If you want to live stream any game then get a platform that offers such games, understand how the game is played and enjoy all the fun that comes with it.