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Casino games inspired by tennis

Casino games inspired by tennis

Tennis is one of the best known and most played sports in the world, with approximately 87 million (1.17%) players worldwide enjoying it. The game is much more than hitting a ball back and forth. It requires players to implement athleticism, strategy, and a lot of skill.

Thanks to advances in technology, tennis fans can also find several high-quality tennis-inspired casino games. Most of them are tennis-themed slots that provide tennis players with an adequate thrill of the game while ensuring that they enjoy a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Additionally, some of these slots allow players to claim various bonuses, such as wager-free free spins. This adds to their bankroll and gives them a better understanding of the game. Without further ado, here are some popular tennis-inspired casino games available in the market.

Five Popular Casino Games Inspired by Tennis

There are many tennis-inspired online gambling games available for tennis lovers. Some of the most popular include:

tennis champions

Launched in 2017 by Spinomenal, this tennis-inspired slot is a player favorite among many gambling enthusiasts who enjoy playing tennis. It features several tennis-themed symbols, including balls, rackets, water bottles, and famous tennis players, which help increase the payout of winning lines.

The wild symbol of the slot machine represents female tennis players, while the scatter symbol represents male tennis players. The wild feature activates the scatter feature, allowing players to access different game modes and win even more money. Note that the ball symbol offers players the biggest payout.

Moreover, the casino-inspired game allows players to enjoy the game for free by playing the demo mode. They can also use the low deposit feature to play with as little as 5 cents up to $50 per spin. Once you get the hang of the game, you can continue enjoying the real money version of the title and win big.

tennis stars

Another awesome tennis-inspired slot that is popular in the online gaming world is Tennis Stars. Featuring five reels and forty paylines, this slot features high-quality animations, sound quality, and a retro feel that adds to its thrill and overall gaming experience. Powered by Playtech, this popular title comes with live play, progressive jackpots and even instant payouts.

Once you spin at least three tennis racket symbols, you’ll trigger a tennis-themed bonus, including taking advantage of the live-in-play version of the game.

Note that it is easy to activate the bonus game granted when using the free spins or during the basic game. Thus, the game offers players a fair chance of winning, thanks to its long-term projected payout percentage.

So if you’re looking to enjoy a classic tennis-inspired casino game with premium graphics and background music, Tennis Stars is an ideal fit.

central courtyard

As one of the oldest tennis-inspired casino games available on the market, Center Court is based on the Wimbledon championship. Although the graphics may look dated, the slots feature nine paylines, trophies that serve as wild symbols, and several other reel symbols that represent various tennis players to increase the value of the paylines.

The game comes from software giant Microgaming Inc. So you can only expect the best once you download this title.

It also has a free play mode and a bonus game that involves guessing the color of the next card to play. Center Court is available at most online casinos, providing easy access for tennis fans looking for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Virtual Tennis Open

Do you prefer an action-packed tennis-inspired casino game? Then Virtual Tennis Open is the perfect option. The game offers live casino features and uses a random number generator to deliver results.

There are also 3D graphics that combine various Wimbledon and US Open titles to make the game play as realistic and satisfying as possible. Other unique features of this game include a wide range of betting options, competitive odds for real money bets and a fantastic selection of real games.

It should also be noted that you can change your bets as there are no close-up features. The game also doesn’t have any real broadcast settings or all-angle replay features.

Since its launch, this game has gained popularity in various land-based and online casinos. So, if you want to try your hand at a renowned tennis-inspired casino game, the Virtual Tennis Open should be high on your list.

golden games

You don’t have to be a tennis fan to enjoy the Golden Games. The game features five video reels and 25 paylines resulting in multiple high and low betting levels with low cost coin settings. It is very easy and effortless to learn how to play this slot because it allows players to stay below the maximum number of paylines.

Golden Games features an Olympic tennis theme, which means it has several symbols associated with Olympic tennis.

While the gold medal triggers the biggest payout, other symbols available in this slot include a tennis racket, basketball, hoop, stopwatch, and ball.

By hitting a minimum of three scatter symbols, players trigger multiple free spins for instant play, and collected rewards are immediately credited to the player’s account. As such, Golden Games has become one of the best tennis-inspired casino games available at online casinos.


If you are looking to enjoy a good game of tennis and would like to make some money doing it, try one of the tennis-inspired casino games listed above. Whether you have a canceled tennis match or one of those wet days, these games will give you the thrill and entertainment you get from playing the real version.

Moreover, if you are a gambling enthusiast who loves tennis, these casino games allow you to combine your passion with gambling. Thus, you have the opportunity to spend your free time playing this exciting game and potentially earning money.