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Champion Hereford’s calves present in the best conditions at the Casino | Earth

Casino parked 1,789 head of weaned cattle at a special Hereford sale on Friday, with steers priced at $2,513.

The champion Hereford beef paddock was produced by Townview Partnership, a new family amalgamation comprising Jim and Jan with Jamie and Vanessa Smith, Urbenville, with their paddock over 10 months old, weighing 370.6 kilograms with no supplements other than their mothers. They brought in 678c/kg or $2513 to the Ingleside Pastoral Company which bought country in the Casino district.

“They were the heaviest steers we’ve ever produced,” Mr Smith said. “The season was so good.”

The Forgerons d’Urbenville will keep all their heifers as replacements, a part being reserved for Santa Gertrudis bulls.

The champion Hereford heifers, judged by Inverell agent Robbie Bloch, went to John and Maree Smith, Woodenbong with the top two paddocks sold to repeat buyer Daryl Amos, Old Bonalbo, who paid 758.2c / kg or $1895 for 250 kg and put them to Brahman bulls to produce first cross progeny.

The Woodenbong Smiths also sold 10 month old steers at 367kg, with access to crawling feed, for 702c/kg or $2498 to repeat customer Wickham Farms in Killarney. Lighter calves sold at 820c/kg.

Jim and Andrew Peterson, Old Koreelah, sold dehorned Hereford steers for 730.2 c/kg for 312.4 kg or $2280. The partnership sold 115 weaned Herefords sired by Anson and McPherson bulls for an average of $1,935.

George, Shirley and Kelly Hardcastle, McPherson Herefords also of Old Koreelah, sold 332kg Hereford steers for 724c/kg or $2394 at Wickham Farms, Killarney, Qld.

Paul and Marian McKey, Woodenbong, sold a paddock of their July best Hereford steers, 318kg, for $2157 to Kellco Cattle Co in Dalby, Qld. Their entire steer draft averaged $1934 for 259kg.

Angus progeny were included as part of the George and Fuhrmann special sale with steers with Hazeldean blood from first-calf cows at $2708.46 for 356kg at 758.2c/kg bred and produced by Peter and Libby Hannigan, Numulgi, and going to food.

The Hannigans sold heifers at open auction for $2,500 to the Hewetson family, Mallanganee.

The Top Angus heifers were produced by Gordon and Margaret Quinn, Cudgera Creek on the Tweed with young buyer Will Fraser, Roseberry Creek via Kyogle, borrowing from his savings to buy the two Angus heifers, 392.5kg for $2552 at 652c /kg. Mr Fraser will put them on a Brangus bull with offspring suitable for use in the tick-prone country. “I don’t mind spending what I made because they will make money,” the 14-year-old said.

The Quinn family also sold steers at a high of $2629 at 734c/kg for 354.2kg, for calves nine to ten months old on grass only and sold to KellCo agents in Dalby, Qld.

Another line of 64 Angus steers, bred like the rest of the bulls in the family, weighed an average of 320.2kg and sold for 742.8c/kg or $2378.24/hd at KellCo and Bob Jamieson agencies in Inverell.

“They weren’t our heaviest calves, although they seemed like that until the end of January. And we were lucky to get them for sale,” Gordon Quinn said, explaining that the slips of land and the bogs on the road kept the cattle trapped at home. until the day before the sale.

Charolais/Hereford steers, from flood-hit Boland and Charters families, East Coraki, sold at a high of $2,541 for 389kg at 630.2c/kg despite a 10-day curfew following the flood without precedent of Mid-Richmond. The family, who usually sell weaned animals at George and Fuhrmann’s cross sale later in the month, lost 100 head at the event and will slowly have to rebuild their herd.

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