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Ex-NYC casino dealer charged with additional gambling fraud

Busts keep coming for Emily M. Torres.

The former blackjack dealer of Casino Seneca Buffalo Creek is facing another charge in relation to fraudulently assisting another player to cash out, according to court documents.

According to police records, Torres helped a man win over $5,700 at the casino on August 10. This happened less than a week before another incident that ultimately led to his initial arrest.

Torres and the player, Jordan Macwere charged with gambling fraud – a class E felony.

More gambling fraud charges for former Seneca dealer Buffalo Creek

The criminal complaint alleges that Torres, 21, and of Lackawanna, showed Mack’s face cards from the bridge on 62 different occasions before the end of the hands.

As noted, this same incident happened a few days later. Torres would have helped the residents of Buffalo Mark M. Watson (28) and Rahat Hossain (34) win over $7,400 on August 14 as Torres continually illicitly showed face cards to both players.

Within days, police arrested Torres along with Watson and Hossain. Both players have already paid their winnings and entered not guilty please in the city court. Mack, of Friendship, was arrested on September 21.

Torres pleaded not guilty when he was arraigned on October 12. Mack did the same five days earlier. All parties have court appearances scheduled for this month.

Fees like this not common in New York casinos

Until Torres allegedly began committing gambling fraud at the Seneca blackjack tables, this accusation was rarely seen in New York.

According to data from the Criminal Justice Services Division, New York Casinos only seen four adults arrested for gambling fraud from January 2017 to June 2022. Three of these cases are classified as felonies, while one is considered a misdemeanor.

First degree gambling fraud is the theft of over $1,000. Such an accusation is punishable by up to four years in prison as well as five years probation and a fine.