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How to Start Betting on Esports and Casino Games with Crypto

Over the past few years, playing with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on esports, traditional sports, and casino games has become a big deal. Want to get into crypto esports betting, but not sure where to start? In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to start betting on bitcoin gambling sites, keeping our instructions simple and easy to understand. Let’s go.

Steps to bet on Esports with Crypto

1. Choose a bitcoin wallet and redeem it.

In order to keep bitcoin, you need a place to store it. This means that you need what is called a “wallet”. While wallets can be software-based or web-based, most beginner crypto users stick with web wallets.

You can also join a crypto exchange at this time, where you can buy, sell, and trade BTC and other cryptos. Many exchanges also offer wallets, so you can take care of both of these steps simultaneously.

2. Buy your first bitcoin.

Now you need to buy your first cryptocurrency. Over the years this has become quite easy. Many options are available, including cash, credit or debit cards, e-wallets, payment services, and gift cards. Again, probably the easiest option is to go with a crypto exchange.

What parts should you buy? It is entirely up to you. Bitcoin remains one of the most popular options. Some people worry about this for environmental reasons, but there are ways in which BTC and other cryptos can become more environmentally friendly in the future.

3. Find trusted sports betting sites and casinos that accept crypto.

Now that you have some crypto to play with, the next step is to find a reputable site that allows you to deposit the type of coin you purchased. These days, many sports betting and casino gaming websites accept BTC and ETH. There are also a few that can accept less popular coins.

You will find that crypto gambling has many advantages, including large bonuses and high deposit and withdrawal limits. Bitcoin casinos also sometimes offer unique games that you won’t find elsewhere.

Remember that when selecting a betting site, you need to look at criteria beyond just whether or not they accept crypto. Check the background of the company operating the site. Find out if they are regulated. Check reviews from other players to see if their experiences with the site have been good. Check game selection, fees, VIP programs and other features. Make sure that the site you choose will provide you with a quality experience all around.

4. Open an account.

Once you have identified a crypto betting site you can trust that offers the esports and casino games you wish to bet on, the next step is to open your account. When you register, you will need to provide some basic information. Provide accurate details as you will usually need to verify your identity to make a withdrawal. Bitcoin itself can be anonymous, but most gambling sites don’t work that way.

5. Make your first deposit and claim your bonus.

Now is the time to make your first deposit with bitcoin. Go to the banking page of the betting site you have joined to see the details of how to proceed. Note that each individual site has different minimums and maximums for bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Also make sure you are aware of the applicable fees.

When you make this first deposit, you will be able to claim the welcome bonus. It is common for sportsbooks and online casinos to offer particularly large welcome bonuses for your initial bitcoin deposit. You will definitely want to take advantage of it. Just make sure you take a look at the terms and conditions first. It is important to know what rolling requirements apply.

6. Start betting.

Once the money has been transferred to your sports betting account, you can start betting on esports and more.

If you end up with a profit and want to withdraw, you can use the same transfer method. So, if you have deposited money into your sports betting account from your BTC wallet, you can withdraw your winnings to that wallet.

Now you know how to start betting on esports, casino games and more using BTC and other cryptos. If you are a complete newbie to cryptos, they can seem intimidating at first. But you will find that they are quite simple once you start using them. Enjoy your bitcoin bonuses and good luck bets.