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Island Resort and Casino will host Epson Tour at the end of June

HARRIS, Mich. (WLUC) — On the road to the LPGA, the Epson Tour is hosting a tournament here in the UP Ladies who do well on the Epson Tour get a chance to play in the LPGA.

Sophie Hausmann is from Germany and grew up playing golf with her family.

“My parents took my brother and I to the driving range where we tried to play, we tried to hit the ball, we did everything else and overall I was really into the sport,” said Hausmann, a competitor in this year’s Island Resort Championship at Sweet Grass.

She graduated from the University of Idaho and is now on the Epson Tour, hoping to make it to the LPGA.

“Over time, I noticed that this game really grew on me and it was fun, and I was really solid in this game, so I’m like ‘you know what? Let’s take it more seriously,” Hausmann said.

From June 24-26, 156 women will compete in the Island Resort Championship at Sweetgrass.

“It’s out of the norm for them. Of course we have a different style than they play. A lot of people have never been here,” said Tony Mancilla, General Manager of Island Resort and Casino.

The purse for the event is $212,500. Winners raise money throughout the 21 Epson Tour tournaments to earn their LPGA membership.

“They will make around $31,500 if they win. That $31,500 goes a long way towards ensuring they’re in the top 10 at the end of the year to get their card on the LPGA Tour,” said Tim Kramer, business affairs director for Epson Tour. .

Spectators are encouraged. It’s $10 per adult for all three days and kids are free.

“Really, if you have a young family that just wants to hang out and see what it’s all about, you get closer to the players,” Kramer said.

Hausmann is preparing his game for the tournament and encouraging anyone with a big goal to keep working hard.

“If you surround yourself with a handful of good people who want to do well, it’s really doable,” Hausmann said.

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