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KSA warns Dutch online casino operators against autoplay

The KSA has warned Dutch online gambling operators against offering autoplay as part of online slot games. [Image:]

Many games that feature autoplay

The Dutch gambling regulator has warned online casino operators in the country against offering an autoplay feature on slot games. The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) issued this reminder to operators after receiving a report from a player who had access to autoplay while playing a game on an unidentified platform. Dutch law prohibits gambling operators from offering an autoplay feature.

users could continue playing round after round automatically as long as they had enough credits

For the site in question, users could continuously play round after round automatically as long as they had enough credits. Research by the KSA revealed that at least three games on the platform had this type of feature.

Since the KSA became aware of the issue, the option is no longer available on the offending licensee’s site. The operator has also removed all games from the platform that have some sort of autoplay feature.

A ban in place

If the licensee had not resolved the issue, it would have faced a possible cease and desist order, as well as a fine of up to €300,000 ($326,214). The KSA will check games offered by other operators to ensure that similar features are not in place.

Explaining the reasoning behind not allowing autoplay, the KSA said “A player must make a conscious choice for each subsequent game to continue playing.” The reason for the ban has to do with the increased risk of gambling addiction if autoplay is possible, as players do not consciously choose to play another round if the feature is in place and people can easily lose control.

There is an autoplay ban for online casino games in many jurisdictions. The UK Gambling Commission introduced an autoplay ban in October 2021, while the recently launched iGaming marketplace in Ontario, Canada also implemented a similar ban.

Teething problems in the Netherlands

The market for licensed online gambling in the Netherlands was only launched in October 2021. A first group of ten licenses has been distributed. Ten more licenses are expected to be issued later in 2022. All unlicensed operators have been ordered to stop targeting Dutch residents before the regulated market launches.

Early data suggests that the Dutch online gambling market may not be as big as initially expected. The KSA recently revealed that people created 634,000 online gaming accounts between October 2021 and early March.

The KSA has been very busy since market launch, sending frequent reminders to operators about their various tasks. One of the other notable issues in recent months has been with online ad campaigns. The KSA had uncovered advertising campaigns from three different operators that were likely to appeal to vulnerable people like young adults and minors.