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Senator Addabbo wants an online casino in New York and poker in 2023

Speculation about the legalization of online betting and poker in New York is rife, and Senator Addabbo’s re-election brings more life to the conversation.

Senator Addabbo was recently re-elected and it only took him one day to reaffirm his support for the establishment of online casinos and poker in New York. He has long been an advocate for the expansion of New York’s gambling scene, and in a recent interview with NY Sports Day, he said he wanted to draw lawmakers’ attention to the discussion of the online gambling and poker legalized in New York in 2023.

Addabbo is widely known for criticizing the lack of legalized online casinos and poker in New York. His idea of ​​legalizing it is that it would actually be safer for players in New York. If the gambling scene in New York is expanded, it will give the state more options to help gamblers who suffer from problem gambling or are otherwise affected by it.

New Yorkers are already gambling — he says — whether illegally or in other states. This not only results in fewer options for the state to help them if they need it, but also leads to missed tax revenue and money flowing out of state. Essentially, according to Senator Addabbo, it’s essentially a win-win situation for all parties involved, and his last interview with NY Sports Day underscored all of that.

New York State’s budget for the 2022-23 state fiscal year (SFY) was passed on April 9, 2022. Addabbo’s plans could bear fruit as early as January if his bills succeed. the next executive budget proposal. So if that fails, he will have the opportunity to try again a few months later, in April.

His advocacy for the game goes way back

Senator Addabbo has been very vocal and unwavering in his support of New York’s gambling scene for years now. He’s been a proponent of poker in New York for at least the past few years, and he’s even been behind bills describing poker as an interactive game of skill, not a game of luck. The latter would classify it as an activity to be regulated by gambling laws, where bills generally remain blocked.

Addabbo’s support for mobile betting in New York has also been repeatedly demonstrated. Since the launch of sports betting in New York, he has also been steadfast in his position. As recently as February, he tried again to push through a bill that would see online betting legalized in New York, and his efforts always seemed poised to succeed. Senator Addabbo’s support, however, is not his own initiation – he is in fact carrying on a well-established tradition that dates back to his father – Congressman Joseph P. Addabbo, Sr.

His vision is to reduce the incredibly high 51% tax rate on sports betting that is currently taxed and bring more operators into the state. This comes along with his plans to bring online gambling and poker to New York as well, of course. However, he has also repeatedly stressed the importance of the act of legalization itself, as it is the only way New Yorkers can benefit sustainably from the industry.