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The Best Music Choices When Playing Online Casino Games

People use music to make everyday activities more enjoyable, whether it’s working, doing household chores, or playing sports. You can even listen to music to make your leisure time more enjoyable, such as when playing online casino games. Although most casino games have their own music, there are plenty of casino-themed songs you can listen to that will make your gaming experience even more fun.

Dead Or Alive – “You Got Me Spinning (Like A Record)”

The first song on our list is a classic from the 80s band, Dead or Alive. Many of you have heard this song sampled over other songs thanks to its catchy hook. But the original is well worth a listen. Released in November 1984, the song is as good today as it was then. Additionally, “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” is a favorite in the casino industry, as “spinning” could refer to a roulette wheel or a classic slot machine.

Lady Gaga – Music Video “Poker Face”

Released in September 2008, this song by Lady Gaga quickly reached number one on the charts and was arguably the song that made her name. There are plenty of gambling references in the song, especially poker, making it a staple on any casino playlist. A lot of players at the table wish they had a better Poker Face, but it’s hard to stop smiling when this song comes along.

Kenny Rogers – “The Gambler” Music Video

If you were to ask the person on the street to name a game song, chances are that would be the song they name. This Kenny Rogers classic was released in November 1978. While many artists have struggled to tackle this track, we think Kenny does it best. The lyrics of the song ring true today, as every player should “know when to hold ’em” and “know when to bend ’em”.

Katy Perry in “Waking Up In Vegas” music video

Although this song does not contain any explicit lyrics about gambling, it takes place after a wild night in the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas. Many of us have dreamed or perhaps experienced such a night in a place like Vegas, and listening to this song will rekindle those feelings. If you’re starting to feel the urge to head to Sin City but realize you don’t have the budget, you can have a similar experience listening to this song while playing some great online casino games.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Thrift Shop” Video

One song that some people might not think of when compiling a gaming playlist is Thrift shop by Macklemore. We think it’s a great song to listen to while sitting at the table. Released in August 2012, “Thrift Shop” is all about enjoying a night out without breaking the bank on designer clothes. The catchy melody and relevant lyrics remind you that you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time, which is useful to remember when playing.

Sting – “The Shape of My Heart” Music Video

We move on to a more contemplative song, “Shape of My Heart”, a classic by artist Sting. He sings about a player who is unlucky and ponders his life so far. The song, released in March 1993, contains many references to playing cards, hence its popularity in the casino industry. Whether you had a bad or a good session, we couldn’t think of a better song to listen to.

Motörhead – Music Video “Ace Of Spades”

If the previous song rocked you, you would probably be woken up by this next song. Motorhead’s The Ace of Spades is a heavy metal song released in October 1980. Frontman Lemmy described the song as an ode to gambling and risking it all for the thrill of gambling. It’s the perfect song to make you want to play. After all, “The fun is in playing, no matter what you say.”

OAR – “It Was A Crazy Game Of Poker” Lyric Video

The last song on our list is a song released by OAR in 1997, about a man who plays a card game with the devil. During the song, the man loses his money, gold and possessions. But the devil can’t convince him to give up his soul. So the man moves away to start a new life. The song is extremely popular in the casino industry thanks to its poker theme. Also, it’s the one you’ll often hear when gaming.


There’s no shortage of songs to listen to if you’re looking to spice up your next online casino gaming session. Whether you play Big bass bonanza or Guns n’ Roses video slot, this article gives you a great starting point. Why not search for other songs to create your own casino playlist?