Online casino

The history of online casino in Canada

It will come as no surprise to anyone to learn that Canada has a long and varied history with gambling and in fact various versions of the pastime were first legalized in 1969. Online casinos are nothing new and in fact , in many parts of the world, they are becoming the preferred way for people to place a bet. As with any form of gambling, different countries have their own rules and regulations, and Canada is certainly no exception. This Canadian online casino has a lot to offer customers who visit the website for a bit of excitement, and it just goes to show what Canadian players are looking for from modern online gambling platforms.

First online casinos in Canada

Technology certainly has a part to play in what online casinos in Canada now offer compared to when they launched a few years ago. If you head to an online casino now, you’re faced with a number of options including live video dealer games and interactive betting. Back when online casinos were first launched, internet capabilities were much more limited and most only offered a small handful of card games for people to enjoy.

Regulation of online casinos in Canada

Just like land-based casinos, online casinos in Canada must follow a number of rules and regulations. Canada is not alone in having to adapt and adjust these rules on a regular basis; after all, things have changed enormously since online casinos launched over two decades ago. Online gambling was banned until 2009 when the government moved to allow provinces to set their own rules – and even now the rules vary by region, similarly to betting rules in the USA.

Currently, Canadians can visit any online casino as long as it is licensed overseas – this is one way technology has helped bridge the gap and made online betting much more accessible. Some provinces also allow wagering at online establishments based in Canada, although there are different rules regarding the age you must be to participate.

The future of online casinos in Canada

When you consider that betting in Canada has been around for hundreds of years, but wasn’t made legal until 1969, it’s easy to see how much things have changed since then. To begin with, when the bill was passed to legalize certain forms of gambling, the internet and online casinos did not exist – as such, the rules and regulations did not take these things into account.

The way we use the internet and bet online will help shape the rules and regulations that Canadian authorities are forced to put in place. For example, across the UK there are currently discussions regarding the regulation of cryptocurrency and gambling as it is something that is gaining popularity, but for now there is no there are no rules. The same is likely to happen in Canada, where betting laws are adapted to consumer trends.