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The most popular and upcoming online casino games of 2023

Casino games now rank among the most popular entertainment the gaming industry currently offers and the industry’s ever-increasing use of technology to bring the latest and greatest entertainment directly to us, wherever we are, boosts popularity.

Online casinos have long taken the existing land-based clientele; The industry has also found favor with a new breed of gamers whose first introduction to the entertainment on offer was online. These new players and their desire for the traditional casino experience online has accelerated the development of live dealer games and other features bringing the true casino experience firmly online.

These are exciting times for online casinos and their customers, especially with the focus on live dealer games. It will be interesting to see which games will be most popular in UK online casinos in 2023 as the year progresses.

Live Slots with Dealer

Live slots have the same or similar tributes to their standard cousins, but instead of you spinning, a live dealer does it for you. Of course, you still choose your bet and its options, but the dealer does the rounds from a land-based location and the action is streamed straight to your device. Generally, live slots can be played on the same smartphone that you might use for standard online slots, making it easy to get into.

The wheel tempts you with different sections containing different prizes. As the wheel spins, you’ll want it to stop on the section with the biggest win. The live aspect of these slots proves to be very popular with high dealers who bring their personality to the game and add depth to the gameplay. If you like regular slots, live slots are definitely games you should try in the future.

The most popular version, Mermaid’s Fortune was released by Evolution a few years ago and holds interest well with a beautiful mermaid, tropical background and the all-important spinning wheel, the game never fails to excite and giving superb entertainment value released Mermaid’s Fortune Live Slot several years ago. The mermaid sits next to the wheel and spins it at your command.

Poker with live dealer

Live dealer poker brings the same interaction and live action from your dealer right to your phone. Poker itself offers deeper interaction during play. Decision making and its effect on your success is ubiquitous in live dealer poker and for many players it is this feature of the game that entices them to to come back for more.

With the right strategy, a good player can improve their own chances of winning. In the game, there are only two rounds, the first deal and the draw. A player is dealt 5 cards from a 52-card deck, a feature that allows experienced players to calculate the odds of winning each time the cards are dealt. After the initial deal, the player makes his decision on which cards to keep and which to discard. Discarded cards are then replaced with freshly dealt cards. A pay scale will indicate your earning. There are many options for the game, both single-handed and multi-handed formats. Multimode allows players to play any number of hands between 5 and 100 at a time. With most live games based on the old game, Jacks Or Better, other versions are available like Aces and Faces, Joker Poker, tens or better etc.


Roulette is a casino staple that is proving more popular than ever in land-based rooms around the world. It’s no surprise, then, that it remains one of the most played and loved games in the ever-expanding repertoire of online casinos. The game has a simple style and relies on chance, but the wide range of betting options ensures that its simplicity is an asset to the game.

Roulette betting falls into two camps; outside and inside bets. In an outside bet, the player places a bet on the properties of each number, but inside bets are placed on individual or group numbers. Prizes are usually rated on a probability of winning scale, so values ​​vary widely.

The variations of the game regularly offered by the best online casinos can be either French, American or European roulette. The single zero wheel of French Roulette has always been a player favourite; this is a trend we see continuing in the future. The American version of the game offers an increase in volatility given by its double zero wheels. The extra pocket gives the house an added edge, but overall this is reflected in the value of the prizes on offer. Some online casinos offer mini roulette or multi wheel roulette which both add a different angle to the game and are popular with players.


Players who enjoy the extra skills required to play poker well have found that Craps offers exciting gameplay and a new challenge. The betting options are vast when it comes to craps; the objective of 2-dice games is to predict the outcome of one or more dice rolls.

Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come bets are the ones that are proving popular because they can offer the best returns when you win. Compared to a land-based venue, the online craps table is a simple place, the online element goes a long way in eliminating the barrier for new players of a complicated set of table etiquette rules. But while retaining the sights and sounds you would see in the best land-based casinos.

black jack

Blackjack or 21 as it is also known is a game that keeps on giving, it is a favorite of all types of players. This is partly due to the low house edge the game offers, the element of decision making and the fundamental fact that Blackjack can offer tempting prizes.

The game has the simple objective of holding a hand that totals 21, or as close as possible without going over and going bust. The player is initially dealt a hand, they can then choose to be hit with another card if the total is less than 21, or significantly less than 17, or if they are satisfied with the hand dealt, stay where they are. A player who has received 2 cards of the same value has the option of splitting the cards and playing two separate hands. You can also choose to double down and draw only one additional card. When players are dealt two cards of the same value, they can choose to split them and play the two new hands separately. This style of play involves additional side bets that may be placed during play.