Casino events

The panel answers questions about the possibilities of Hastings Casino

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – Women’s League voters gathered at the YWCA of Adams County on Friday afternoon to share their questions and concerns about the Hastings Casino project.

A panel of three people related to the project, two from the city’s point of view and one opposed to the project, answered these questions.

Each of these presenters spoke from a different perspective about the process the casino went through with the city government.

While Opposition Leader Shannon Hoff explained why the city shouldn’t approve the plans. Citing several criminal and financial statistics that he says prove why the casino and racetrack are a bad idea for the city, but ultimately, Hoff said he’s looking at the matter from his family’s perspective.

“What worries me the most is how out of touch this is with our community, especially the criminal aspects,” Hoff said. “As we have a tight-knit community today, it goes against all things family-oriented. I have a family with three children, I have every interest in making sure their childhood is the best possible.

No matter where people stand on the casino, League organizers hope this event helps inspire citizens to take an active role in local politics.

“In these days where a lot of people don’t read the newspaper or have other places where the information is presented to them,” League of Women Voters president Linda Rea said. “It’s our way of making sure the public is informed and bringing all sorts of issues to the forefront so people can be informed and, if necessary, vote or voice their opinion to those making the decisions.”

Hastings City Council is due to consider the casino proposal at its 6pm meeting on Monday November 14.