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The rise of live casino games around the world

The past few years have been a real challenge for all, with restrictions interrupting many facets of our lives. Being limited in the amount of social interaction we can enjoy has been such a problem that it has forced people to look for other ways to continue participating in some of their most cherished hobbies and interests.

This has led to a boom in online activity, with Datareportal now suggesting that up to 62.5% of the world’s population has gone online, with many turning to new video-based digital platforms to profit festivals and listening to music. Also, people have used the web to engage in activities such as gaming and other social activities as entertainment industries have suffered from the forced closure of their properties.

So, like the organizers of Covid and the Chill Online Music Festival, developers have found a way to give casino enthusiasts the live casino gaming experience they crave in an easily accessible digital form with the advent of the casino. live.

The Live Casino Gaming Experience

When you are virtually seated at a live casino table, it is as if you were in a physical location; the blackjack dealer in front of you on the screen will acknowledge your arrival. It’s a strange but welcoming gesture that puts you at ease. They explain the game, allow the players at the table to place a bet, and then get into the game. At first it’s a bit surreal as there isn’t the usual hustle and bustle of people hovering around you get in the physical casino; they could do with some background EDM to make it a bit more interesting. However, the dealers do a great job of keeping things engaging, chatting with the players at the table and acknowledging your bet gives a real sense of social interaction that we’ve all been denied.

Although we just mentioned a card game, the beauty of the online platform is that almost any game found in a typical casino can be replicated, which means that all tastes are catered for. The typical range is best demonstrated by the live games hosted by Gala Casino, where dealers run titles such as Mega Fire Blaze Roulette and Sweet Bonanza Live. There is so much to choose from, including poker and baccarat, there are also live game shows, some themed around recognizable board games such as Monopoly and others replicating TV shows such as Deal or No Deal.

Convenience in a tech-savvy world

It’s convenient to have all the games in one place, and although it’s not a new concept because we’ve seen online gaming for a long time, the advent of the live human dealer adds a personal touch. Some cameras allow you to view the game from different angles; Watching the roulette ball land in the pocket in slow motion as you put your arm on the black is exhilarating. It feels personal and really puts you in the seat.

While the live experience is crucial, there are other benefits players feel and appreciate. As it is digital-based, your account balance is displayed on the screen, and everything is responsible and safe. Moreover, you can count on a stable connection from established live casinos, no matter what type of game you play. It has also contributed to the growth in the use of this form of entertainment; we all want reliability and consistency, after all.

Is live gaming the future?

Interestingly, things have changed so much, because we never would have thought that so much of our experiences and careers were now happening digitally just a few years ago. But that’s the new reality as a Forbes article suggests that the new normal is working from home, so with technological developments, it’s not impossible that home gaming will also become the new normal.