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What is a VPN for online casino games and how to use it

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become very popular. Millions of people use VPNs to hide their location internet activity.

Online gamblers particularly appreciate these services. They can use a VPN to play in casinos that are not normally accessible to them. Moreover, they can collect additional bonuses thanks to a virtual private network.

If you want to cash out additional bonuses, you should check out the following post. It explains how a VPN works, earning bonuses through a VPN, and the pros and cons of doing so.

How does a virtual private network work?

A VPN hides your Internet Protocol (IP) address and encrypts your Internet connection. It basically lets you create a private browsing network.

A virtual private network also allows you to connect to servers located in other locations. This aspect gives the impression that you are in another city/country.

You could, for example, live in Boston. However, you can connect to a server in Berlin and make it look like you live there.

The end result is that your online games and other activities will be anonymous. You will also enjoy the utmost privacy when using VPNs.

What does a VPN do for online casino players?

The main point of this article is to discuss how VPNs can help you collect more bonus money. As you will see below, however, VPNs offer multiple benefits to online casino players.

Play at Restricted Casinos

Most online casinos are licensed in one or more jurisdictions. In accordance with the rules of their jurisdictions, they restrict certain states, countries and territories.

Some of these state/national jurisdictions exclude everyone outside of their borders. The UK, for example, only allows its own citizens to gamble at UK-licensed casinos.

Person on laptop playing online casino game

Unless you live somewhere like China or North Korea, you will have access to some gambling sites. However, these online casinos might not be exactly what you are looking for.

If you’re hoping to play at a mobile casino that’s not accessible to you, a VPN may be the answer. This will hide your location and make it look like you are in the given jurisdiction. You could be in Los Angeles, for example, and appear as if you were in Liverpool.

Play at your favorite online casinos while on vacation

You may already live in a certain state or country that offers your favorite gaming sites. Once you leave the state/country, however, you may no longer be able to play at its mobile casinos.

A virtual private network is very practical in this case. If you’re from New Jersey and visiting Aruba, for example, you can still play at NJ online casinos with a VPN.

The best part of it all is that you are not using the VPN for nefarious reasons. You just play on gaming sites that you normally have access to anyway.

Get multiple bonuses

Online casinos usually only allow you to get a certain bonus once. This is especially the case when it comes to no deposit bonuses and lucrative welcome offers.

No deposit offers are rare because they allow you to earn money for free. Welcome bonuses, on the other hand, are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Of course, most online gambling sites offer additional bonuses after the fact. Such reload offers, however, are usually not as attractive as no deposit and welcome bonuses.

That said, you can use a VPN to search for a bonus multiple times. You can create different accounts from different places and still enjoy the best bonuses.

VPNs Offer Huge Benefits to Bonus Hunters

Online casinos offer impressive offers for new players. After all, they want to attract new depositors with extravagant bonuses.

Here is a comparison of what you might see between a welcome bonus and a reload bonus at the same casino:

Welcome bonus (available for new players)

  • 100% match on your first deposit.
  • The bonus is worth up to $1,000.

Reload bonus (available after welcome bonus)

  • 75% match on a top-up deposit.
  • The bonus is worth up to $100.

The goal of mobile casinos is to make you feel comfortable playing at their sites. They are ready to provide lots of potential bonus money to make this happen.

With no deposit bonuses, gambling sites are simply trying to get you to sign up. They are willing to give you a chance to earn free money for doing so.

You usually only have one chance to claim welcome and deposit bonuses. A VPN, however, offers plenty of opportunities to continue picking up the best bonuses at a given online casino.

You do not have to play with the no deposit and/or welcome bonus and move to a new casino. Instead, you can simply create a new account at your favorite casino and have another chance to take advantage of these offers.

What happens if you get caught?

As you can imagine, gambling sites don’t exactly want you to search for their best bonuses multiple times. This is why they often mention that certain bonuses are “only available once per household”.

online casino

Many online casinos limit the use of VPN. Their software searches for players who may be using virtual private networks. The same gambling sites take one of the actions described below when they catch relevant players.

Account closed and deposit returned

Assuming a gaming site prohibits VPN use, they will permanently close your account if they think you are using one. They will take all necessary measures to prevent you from using their casino again.

These sites also confiscate any winnings and bonuses you have earned. In the best case scenario, however, they will at least give you back your deposit money.

Some online casinos do not want to accept your deposit. After all, they could be accused of stealing money in this scenario.

Account closed and funds confiscated

Again, many gaming sites will terminate your account for using a Virtual Private Network. Some go even further and keep the funds in your account.

These casinos often include a disclaimer in their terms and conditions. They will note that they have the right to confiscate your funds for “bonus abuse”.

The latter term refers to when you abuse loopholes in bonus terms and conditions or outright cheat. The practice of using a VPN to repeatedly get the same bonus could be considered cheating.

Many jurisdictions allow online casinos to confiscate all funds when warranted. That said, you can’t necessarily run to law enforcement when a casino goes this route.

Is it worth using a VPN for online casino bonuses?

You can see that taking advantage of casino bonuses with a VPN is not an easy decision. On the one hand, you could accumulate a lot of bonus money. The downside, however, is that you could get banned and lose all your money if you get caught.

It all depends on the casino in question. Some gaming sites even allow you to use virtual private networks. In this case, you will have an easier time using a VPN to obtain several bonuses.

Other mobile casinos specifically state that you are not allowed to use a Virtual Private Network. If you are caught in these circumstances, you will face one of two consequences:

  • Closing of account and refunded deposit
  • Account closure and all funds (including deposit) forfeited

Provided you are looking for bonuses with a VPN, you should choose casinos that allow the use of a virtual private network.

If for some reason you want to stay anonymous at a casino that prohibits VPNs, you are taking a bigger risk. You have to decide if the bonuses are really worth it in these cases.


Players have been using VPNs in mobile casinos for years now. Most simply want to play in casinos that are not normally accessible to them.

However, you can also use VPNs to repeatedly get the best bonuses. You could really make a lot of money provided you don’t get caught.

Of course, many online casinos prohibit virtual private networks. Therefore, you need to be careful where you use a VPN to get bonuses.

Assuming the casino has a history of confiscating all funds for terms and conditions violations, then you definitely want to avoid these sites.