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Which casino games will be popular in 2023?

Advances in technology and a pandemic that we try not to think too much about mean the online gambling industry is more popular than ever. With limited entertainment options throughout the 2020 and 2021 periods, many have been forced to use online games as a means of entertainment, leading to record numbers of growth across the industry. However, the growth and popularity of online casinos has shown no signs of slowing down and even now millions of people are accessing online casino games every day. So what games and trends will we see throughout 2023?

modern games

One thing we will see are more complex games being introduced to many online casino platforms. With competition within this industry being high, most platforms want to do what they can to grab the attention of potential games. There are many ways to do this – welcome bonuses, big jackpot games, etc., but the types of games offered are also a big part of it. We will see games that provide a more interactive experience, those with longer gameplay, and even those that offer mini-games within the main game become popular choices.

Variations of the classics

Of course, while modern games will always be popular, there are classics that will never go out of style. We will see different casinos offering variations of these and even hybrid combinations of two games to create something new. Poker, slots and blackjack are all casino games that will never go out of style and we will continue to see them become popular throughout 2023.

Live dealer game

Although this trend has really kicked off in terms of popularity throughout 2022, we will likely see it continue to be just as popular next year as well. Live dealer gaming adds an extra element to online gaming and is something that many players really enjoy. Live dealer play allows people to watch live video streaming of their cards being dealt; listen to the dealer talking as he interacts with people in the online chat room. For many, this brings online gambling to life, where it’s not just about playing on a screen, but rather visiting a physical casino.

Variants of Virtual Reality

With live dealer games being so popular, it only makes sense that online casino platforms try to do more to give their customers bigger and better experiences. We will likely see an increase in the number of virtual reality game options available to players. Moving up a gear, players of live dealer games will be able to roam around VR casinos to choose the games they want to play and virtually interact with other players as well.

Cryptocurrency games

Roulette fans can play using different payment methods on PayPal Casinos and it is likely that other payment methods will also prove popular throughout 2023. Online casinos have always been at the cutting edge of technology in terms of payment processing and currency acceptance and 2023 will not no exception. As digital currency continues to be more popular, it is likely that more and more online casino platforms will accept cryptocurrency as a payment method on their platform.

Game on mobile app

Mobile gambling is not new, but the introduction of apps into the online casino industry has only recently begun to gain popularity. Many online casinos now have their own apps in the App Store which allow players to download to their smart devices and have instant access to the games available. Gamers love the game’s instant access element in this way and as such it’s a method we’ll likely continue to see popular throughout 2023 as well.

Social events

One thing that many players miss when enjoying online casino games instead of visiting a physical location is the social element of enjoying a game with other players. Many online casinos now have chat rooms where you can have this interaction with other players, but in 2023 we might see more of that. With people using online games more than ever, interaction with other gamers is important. We are likely to see online casinos hold events that people can attend at the same time and we know that others who want to socialize online while paying are also there.

The game in 2023

Of course, there’s no way of knowing exactly what we’ll see in terms of game popularity in 2023. After all, new games are always a possibility and you never know which ones will suddenly go viral and become hugely popular. Online casino operators and game developers always hope they can create and release a new game that proves popular, but there’s often no way to know for sure what it will take to make that happen.

However, what we do know is that people will be eager to take advantage of new technological advancements, easy payment methods, and things like virtual reality and live video streaming. All of this adds an extra element to online gaming, which seems to be something players respond well to – enjoying the extra interactive element that is added to games by enjoying them.

What we do know is that gamers are increasingly aware of the security risks when playing online and will be keen to use platforms that take this seriously. Different countries have different rules when it comes to online gambling and how to encourage people to gamble safely. Players will be alert to platforms that promote safe gaming, as well as those that encourage everyone to gamble responsibly. We will probably see a push on responsible gambling with platforms urged to take more ownership of promoting this and caring for their players, which is likely to be reflected in the games on offer and the behavior of those looking to play casino games on line.