Best Restaurant Cape May Nj (2024)

1. The Best Restaurants in Cape May - New Jersey Monthly Magazine

  • 8 dec 2023 · Fresh seafood and Victorian charm abound. Plus, choices run the gamut from pancakes and pizza to fine dining in posh settings.

  • Fresh seafood and Victorian charm abound. Plus, choices run the gamut from pancakes and pizza to fine dining in posh settings.

2. Your guide to dining out for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Cape May

  • 28 jul 2023 · Your guide to dining out for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Cape May · Beach Plum Farm: · Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar: · The Blue Pig Tavern at ...

  • Here's your guide to our top three favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots in New Jersey's most southern shore point.

3. Cape May's 11 greatest restaurants, ranked, for 2023 -

  • 29 mei 2023 · Cape May's 11 greatest restaurants, ranked, for 2023 · 11. Blue Pig Tavern · 10. Panico's Bistro · 9. Beach Plum Farm · 8. The Mad Batter · 7.

  • Cape May is a great place to visit — and to eat. Here's the only Cape May dining guide you'll need.

4. Cape May NJ Restaurants | Boarding House

  • Backstreet Cafe · Black Duck BYOB · Ebbitt Room BYOB · Exit Zero Filling Station · Ferry Park · Grana BYOB BYOB · Iccara BYOB · Louisa's Cafe.

  • Cape May’s restaurants offer some of the best and most unique choices on the eastern seaboard.

5. Dinner – Cape May Area Restaurants and Dining

6. The 50 best restaurants to have dinner in Cape May - Wanderlog

  • With favorites like Ebbitt Room, The Lobster House, and The Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar and more, get ready to experience the best flavors around Cape May. Why ...

  • We've collected the most-often-mentioned 50 places from other articles, including favorites like Ebbitt Room, The Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar, and The Lobster House

7. The Complete Guide to Restaurants in Cape May | PhillyBite Magazine

  • 30 jun 2022 · Top 25 Best Restaurants in Cape May ; 1. Lucky Bones Back Water Grille · 1200 NJ-109, Cape May, NJ 08204 ; 2. The Blue Pig Tavern · 200 Congress Pl, ...

  • Philadelphia, PA - During your stay in Cape May, make a point of eating at the various fine dining restaurants. The following are some of our top recommend

8. 2023 Guide | Cape May Restaurants | Best Places to Eat in Cape May

  • Best Seafood Restaurants in Cape May, New Jersey Shore · Here are some of Cape May's Best Seafood Restaurants: · OYSTER BAY RESTAURANT & BAR · LOUISA'S CAFE- · H&H ...

  • Cape May Restaurants on the Water | Best Seafood Restaurant in Cape May | Most Romantic | Happy Hour Specials in Cape May | Places Fit-For-Foodies | Italian...

9. Awarded Best Restaurant in Cape May, NJ - Mad Batter

  • We are one of the best restaurants in Cape May, NJ. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Great ambiance, happy hour, drinks & more. View our menu & come enjoy.

10. The Foodie's Guide to Fine Dining in Cape May NJ

11. Harbor View Restaurant – Cape May, NJ

  • Offering The Cape's Best Restaurant View! 954 Ocean Drive Cape May, NJ • 609-884-5444. View ...

  • Offering The Cape’s Best Restaurant View! 954 Ocean Drive Cape May, NJ • 609-884-5444 View Our Menus Click Here For The Marina The Harbor View Restaurant Offers The Cape’s Best Restaurant View! Arrive by Car…Arrive by Boat…However you Arrive… Enjoy inside and outside dining at the Harbor View in Cape May, NJ while taking…

Introduction: Welcome to the charming seaside town of Cape May, NJ! Known for its beautiful beaches, Victorian architecture, and vibrant culinary scene, Cape May is a food lover's paradise. In this article, we will take you on a gastronomic journey, exploring the best restaurants in Cape May. Whether you're a local or a visitor, get ready to tantalize your taste buds with a variety of flavors and cuisines.

Heading 1: Exploring Cape May's Culinary Landscape Cape May is home to a diverse range of restaurants, each offering a unique dining experience. From casual seafood shacks to upscale fine dining establishments, there is something to suit every palate. Let's dive into the vibrant culinary landscape and discover the best dining spots in town.

Heading 2: Fresh Seafood Delights Being a coastal town, Cape May is renowned for its fresh seafood. Head to the local seafood joints, such as The Lobster House and Lucky Bones Backwater Grille, for a mouthwatering feast of clams, oysters, crab cakes, and more. Indulge in the flavors of the sea while enjoying the stunning ocean views.

Heading 3: Farm-to-Table Excellence Cape May takes pride in its farm-to-table movement, where local ingredients are celebrated. Visit The Ebbitt Room, situated in the historic Virginia Hotel, for a culinary adventure that highlights seasonal produce and locally sourced ingredients. The farm-fresh flavors will leave you wanting more.

Heading 4: International Flavors If you're in the mood for international cuisine, Cape May has you covered. Explore the exotic spices of India at The Mad Batter or savor the flavors of Italy at Tisha's Fine Dining. From Mexican to Thai, Cape May offers a variety of international cuisines that will transport your taste buds around the world.

Heading 5: Quaint Cafés and Bakeries For a delightful breakfast or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, visit one of Cape May's charming cafés and bakeries. Enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee at Coffee Tyme or indulge in freshly baked pastries at George's Place. These cozy spots are perfect for relaxing and savoring the flavors of Cape May.

Heading 6: Fine Dining Extravaganza If you're in the mood for an upscale dining experience, Cape May boasts several fine dining establishments that are sure to impress. The Washington Inn and Peter Shields Inn are known for their impeccable service, elegant ambiance, and exquisite menus. Treat yourself to a memorable culinary journey at these renowned establishments.

Conclusion: Cape May, NJ, is a gastronomic paradise waiting to be explored. From fresh seafood delights to farm-to-table excellence, international flavors, quaint cafés, and fine dining extravaganzas, the culinary scene in Cape May offers something for everyone. Discover the best restaurants in this charming seaside town and indulge in a culinary adventure that will leave you craving for more.


  1. What is the best time to visit Cape May, NJ?

    • Cape May is a popular tourist destination during the summer months, but it can get crowded. For a more relaxed experience, consider visiting in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall.
  2. Are reservations necessary at the top restaurants in Cape May?

    • It is highly recommended to make reservations, especially during peak tourist seasons, as the best restaurants tend to get booked quickly.
  3. Are there vegetarian and vegan options available in Cape May?

    • Yes, many restaurants in Cape May offer vegetarian and vegan options. You can enjoy delicious plant-based meals that cater to various dietary preferences.
  4. Can I bring my own wine to restaurants in Cape May?

    • Some restaurants in Cape May allow you to bring your own wine for a corkage fee. It's always best to check with the restaurant beforehand.
  5. Is Cape May suitable for families with children?

    • Absolutely! Cape May has family-friendly restaurants that offer kid-friendly menus and a welcoming atmosphere for families.

Remember to check the latest information and make reservations in advance for the best dining experience in Cape May, NJ. Bon appétit!

Best Restaurant Cape May Nj (2024)
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