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  • College Administrative Building in Wildomar, CA

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4. Cuts To LEUSD School Bus Service Prompt Discussion | Lake Elsinore ...

  • 26 apr 2012 · Primary concerns raised Wednesday about elimination of home-to-school transportation in the LEUSD next year were student safety, minimizing ...

  • Lake Elsinore Mayor Brian Tisdale brought together officials to help mitigate the community's school bus dilemma.

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  • 10 feb 2012 · In a unanimous vote during Thursday's regularly scheduled meeting, LEUSD board members eliminated the home-to-school transportation program ...

  • In a unanimous vote during Thursday's regularly scheduled meeting, LEUSD board members eliminated the home-to-school transportation program for students.

7. School Bus Driver Certificate Required, 2023-2024 ... - EDJOIN

  • 25 mei 2023 · ... transportation vehicle within prescribed routes in accordance with ... LEUSD to perform a full query of any individual prior to that person ...

  • Job Purpose Statement/s: The job of "Bus Driver" is done for the purpose/s of transporting students over scheduled routes and/or special excursions; enforcing rules, regulations, and laws to maintain safety during transport; ensuring vehicle is in a safe operating condition; and ensuring safety of students during transport, loading and unloading from buses. Job Purpose Statement/s: The job of "School Bus Driver" is done for the purpose/s of transporting students over scheduled routes and/or special excursions; enforcing rules, regulations, and laws to maintain safety during transport; ensuring vehicle is in a safe operating condition; and ensuring safety of students during transport, loading and unloading from buses. Essential Job Functions: * Drives a school transportation vehicle within prescribed routes in accordance with time schedules, picking up and discharging students at designated stops. * Escorts and assists students on and off vehicle and across streets when necessary. * Transports students and teachers on field trips to various locations, planning necessary routes and stops as needed. * Maintains order and proper discipline of student passengers according to District policy; instructs students on safety regulations and policies related to passenger conduct. * Conducts safety and operational inspection of assigned vehicle daily according to established procedures. * Checks fluid and air levels on bus as required; adding fuel, water, or air as necessary. * Maintains cleanliness of vehicle to ensure safe operating condition; sweeps and washes bus interior and exterior as required. * Checks out and reports needed mechanical repairs when necessary. * Assures security of buses at all times, following procedures prescribed by the District * Evacuates vehicle in safe and timely manner when necessary and conducts periodic drills for same as required by law; completing necessary reports upon request. * Maintains accurate records including student counts, time sheets, mileage, repair requests, discipline notices, etc.; preparing reports as necessary. Other Job Functions: * Assists other personnel as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities. * Attends various meetings regarding safety, first aid, training updates, etc., as required. * Attends driver training programs to maintain current knowledge of California Motor Vehicle Code and the Education Code related to the operation of vehicles in the transportation of school children. Job Requirements - Qualifications: * Experience Required: Fully certified as School Bus Driver and possession of a safe driving record that is in compliance with the restrictions set forth by California Vehicle Code. School Bus Drivers may be hired as substitute employees to gain experience previous to being considered for probationary route assignment. * Skills, Knowledge and/or Abilities Required: Skills to operate school buses and vans in a safe manner, communicate effectively, evaluate schedules and meet deadlines, plan and organize activities, administer first aid. Knowledge of vehicle operation, basic maintenance requirements and driving codes. Abilities to sit for prolonged periods, understand and carry out oral and written instructions, work independently, make common sense decisions in potentially critical situations. Significant physical abilities include climbing/balancing, reaching/handling, talking/hearing conversations, near/far visual acuity/depth perception/visual accommodation. * Education Required: High School diploma or equivalent. * Licenses, Certifications, Bonding, and/or Testing Required: Valid Class B Commercial Driver’s License, Passenger and "S" Endorsements and evidence of insurability, School Bus Driver’s Certificate, Medical Certificate, Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance, Drug Testing Clearance, and negative TB test results. *SITE ASSIGNMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Any Job vacancy created by transfer may be filled by an employee that has previously requested transfer to the vacant position. After a conditional offer of employment, applicants will be required to pay the cost of all pre-employment processing which may include: fingerprints, drug screening, TB testing and physical examination. Attachment Required - School Bus Driver Certificate You must attach proof of School Bus Driver certification. FMCSA Clearinghouse Registration Notice to Applicants: This position is considered a safety sensitive position by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Effective January 6, 2020, any applicant who wishes to be considered for this position must be registered with the FMCSA Clearinghouse. Regulations require LEUSD to perform a full query of any individual prior to that person being hired into a safety sensitive position. Regulations also require applicants to provide consent for the full query. Consent for the full query can only be provided via the online Clearinghouse by individuals registered with the Clearinghouse. For more information on the Clearinghouse or to register, please visit: https://clearinghouse.fmcsa.dot.gov/ or click on link on this posting.

8. Driving directions to Lake Elsinore Unified School District - Waze

  • Lake Elsinore Unified School District - Transportation · (951) 253-7830 · www.leusd.k12.ca.us/apps/pages/index.jsp?type=d&uREC_ID=325303.

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Are you ready to embark on a journey through the fascinating world of transportation in the Lake Elsinore Unified School District (LEUSD)? Buckle up as we explore the intricate web of buses, routes, and logistical marvels that keep the wheels of education turning for thousands of students every day. From the bustling streets to the quiet corners of the district, LEUSD transportation is a vital lifeline for students, parents, and educators alike.

The Role of LEUSD Transportation in Student Success

At the heart of LEUSD's mission is the commitment to providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation for students. Whether it's the early morning pickups or the afternoon drop-offs, the yellow school buses are synonymous with opportunities for learning and growth. The dedicated drivers and staff ensure that students reach their schools on time, fostering a sense of dependability and routine that sets the stage for a productive day of learning.

Understanding the Logistics Behind LEUSD Transportation

Behind the scenes, LEUSD transportation operates with meticulous precision. The coordination of routes, the allocation of resources, and the maintenance of the fleet are all part of a carefully choreographed ballet that ensures seamless transportation for students. From optimizing bus schedules to adapting to the evolving needs of the district, LEUSD transportation is a dynamic ecosystem that thrives on adaptability and efficiency.

Embracing Innovation: The Evolution of LEUSD Transportation

As we look to the future, LEUSD transportation is poised to embrace innovation in the form of sustainable practices, technology integration, and community engagement. The district's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint through alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicles reflects a forward-thinking approach to transportation. Additionally, the integration of smart routing systems and real-time tracking mechanisms not only enhances safety but also provides parents and guardians with peace of mind.

Community Engagement and Collaboration: The Pillars of LEUSD Transportation

LEUSD transportation is not just about moving students from point A to point B; it's about building a sense of community and collaboration. The partnerships with local authorities, the open lines of communication with parents, and the involvement of students in safety initiatives all contribute to a holistic approach to transportation. This sense of unity fosters a supportive environment where everyone plays a role in ensuring the smooth operation of transportation services.


In conclusion, LEUSD transportation is the backbone of student mobility, a testament to the district's unwavering commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for its students. As we navigate the complexities of transportation in education, it's evident that LEUSD stands at the forefront of innovation and community-centric practices. The future holds endless possibilities for enhancing transportation services, and LEUSD is ready to embrace these opportunities with open arms.


  1. Q: How does LEUSD ensure the safety of students during transportation? A: LEUSD prioritizes safety through rigorous driver training, regular vehicle maintenance, and the implementation of safety protocols.

  2. Q: Can parents track the location of their child's bus in real time? A: Yes, LEUSD provides parents with access to real-time tracking systems to monitor the location of school buses.

  3. Q: What measures does LEUSD take to reduce its environmental impact? A: LEUSD implements sustainable practices such as the use of alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicles to minimize its carbon footprint.

  4. Q: How does LEUSD engage with the local community to enhance transportation services? A: LEUSD collaborates with local authorities and actively involves parents, students, and staff in initiatives aimed at improving transportation services.

  5. Q: What are the future plans for innovation in LEUSD transportation? A: LEUSD is exploring the integration of smart routing systems, further advancement in alternative fuels, and technology-driven solutions to enhance transportation services for the future.

Leusd Transportation (2024)
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