Road Closures Washington State (2024)

1. Viewing statewide results - WSDOT

  • SR-410 Chinook Pass is closed for the season due to adverse road and weather conditions. Eastbound traffic is closed at milepost 57, Crystal Mountain Boulevard, ...

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2. Washington State Department of Transportation

  • Travel · Roads & bridges · Washington State Ferries · Mountain pass closure and...

  • The official home page for WSDOT. Take a look at how we keep people, businesses and the economy moving by operating and improving the state's transportation systems.

3. Real-time travel data - WSDOT

  • Traffic Management Centers and Washington State Ferries are reporting on road and bridge closures, collisions, construction, reduced ferry service, low ...

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4. Travel - WSDOT -

  • View up-to-date travel conditions including travel alerts, cameras, route times, road and bridge restriction, and weather alerts. ... Washington State Ferries.

  • Prepare for your trip on our roads, ferries, rail, public transit, or taking off from a local airport. Get real-time alerts, live cameras, current travel times, and bridge and road restrictions for your route.

5. Traffic Alerts for Washington State - ezbordercrossing

  • WSDOT alerts to traffic problems statewide including accidents, weather issues, construction, lane closures and any other problem affecting the roadways.

6. How to Track Highway and Pass Closures in Washington - Seattle Met

  • When it snows in the Cascades, here's how to find road closure info, pass reports, and traffic cameras for winter driving.

7. Washington State DOT (@wsdot) / X

  • Official Washington State Department of Transportation Twitter account. For road hazards and emergencies, please call 911 ... ⛔️Northbound I-5 SeaTac Rest closure ...

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8. Road Closures | Snohomish County, WA - Official Website

  • Information is updated Monday through Thursday from 7:00am - 4:30pm; the list includes roads located in unincorporated Snohomish County. For assistance during a ...

  • Review road closures within the community.

9. WSDOT Traffic (@wsdot_traffic) / X

10. Road Closures & Restrictions | Whatcom County, WA

  • Freeze/Thaw Event Road Closures. Find out what happens to roads during rapid ... 311 Grand Avenue | Bellingham, WA 98225 | Phone: 360-778-5000. Facebook.

  • Keep up to date on road closures.

11. Road closures in unincorporated King County - King County, Washington

  • Information concerning state and some city routes is included on occasion for the convenience of the public. If you need to check the status of a road or a ...

  • The King County Road Services Division provides Road Alert as a service to the public. While we try to provide accurate and timely information, estimates of the nature and duration of closures are subject to variables such as weather and traffic conditions that are beyond the control of King County and, therefore, difficult to predict. People relying on this information should do so at their own risk. Neither King County nor its employees or agents shall be liable for the accuracy of neither this information nor any actions taken as a result.

12. Travel & Traffic Alerts | Douglas County, WA

  • Local Construction & Travel Alerts. Current Road Closures/Restrictions. McNeil Canyon Road - Closed Until 2025 to Vehicles Weighing Over 10,000 lbs.

  • Beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, McNeil Canyon Road in Douglas County, Washington, closed to the operation of motor vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds. The closure is from the intersection of Rd. C NW (SR 172) and Rd. 14 NW (SR 172) and Beebe Bridge on US Hwy 97. The closure is due to road condition concerns, redesign, construction, and accidents caused by vehicle equipment failure. 

13. Road Closures - Grays Harbor County

  • Road washout. Intersection of US 12 and Monte- Brady Rd. Fish Habitat Work, closed until late 2025. Image result for washington state dot logo https://wsdot.wa ...

  • Welcome to Grays Harbor County

14. Emergency Road Closures | Island County, WA

  • Emergency road closure map and info.During winter, roads are sometimes closed due to downed trees or power lines, flooding, heavy snow or ice accumulations, ...

  • Emergency road closure map and info.During winter, roads are sometimes closed due to downed trees or power lines, flooding, heavy snow or ice accumulations, or landslides. Check the map for additional information and use the "Report a Problem" app to let Public Works know about issues.

15. Road Closures - Benton County WA


  • Short Term Road Closures - Updated 5-15-2017 @ 11:45 AM - Dowd Road from SR221 to intersection - Richards Rd  - Antinori Road from Sunset RD to Col Solare Winery Long Term Road Closures - Updated 5-15-2017 @ 11:45 AM -There are currently no long term road closures. Road closure information w...


Washington State is known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant cities. However, navigating road closures can be a challenge for both residents and visitors. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on road closures in Washington State, offering valuable information and tips to help you plan your travels effectively.

Heading 1: Understanding the Road Closure System in Washington State

Heading 2: Types of Road Closures

Heading 3: Planned Road Closures

Heading 3.1: Construction Projects

Heading 3.2: Maintenance and Repair Work

Heading 4: Emergency Road Closures

Heading 4.1: Natural Disasters

Heading 4.2: Accidents and Hazards

Heading 5: Checking for Road Closures

Heading 5.1: Official Websites and Apps

Heading 5.2: Local News Sources

Heading 6: Planning Your Route

Heading 6.1: Alternative Routes

Heading 6.2: Traffic Conditions and Detours

Heading 7: Dealing with Unexpected Road Closures

Heading 7.1: Stay Informed and Flexible

Heading 7.2: Seek Local Advice

Heading 8: Road Closure Etiquette

Heading 8.1: Respecting Barricades and Signs

Heading 8.2: Being Patient and Considerate

Heading 9: Road Closure Impact on Businesses and Communities

Heading 9.1: Supporting Local Businesses

Heading 9.2: Community Involvement and Support

Heading 10: Conclusion

Navigating road closures in Washington State can be challenging, but with the right information and planning, you can minimize disruptions and enjoy your journey. Stay informed, be flexible, and always prioritize safety. By understanding the road closure system, checking for closures, and planning alternative routes, you can navigate through the state with ease.


  1. Q: Are road closures common in Washington State? A: Road closures can occur frequently in Washington State due to construction projects, maintenance work, and emergencies. It is important to stay updated on current road conditions.

  2. Q: How can I check for road closures in real-time? A: There are various resources available, including official websites and apps, as well as local news sources that provide up-to-date information on road closures.

  3. Q: What should I do if I encounter an unexpected road closure? A: Stay calm and seek local advice. There may be alternative routes or detours available. Being flexible and patient will help you navigate through the situation smoothly.

  4. Q: How can road closures affect local businesses? A: Road closures can have a significant impact on local businesses, as they may experience decreased foot traffic and accessibility. Supporting these businesses during closures is crucial for their sustainability.

  5. Q: How can communities come together during road closures? A: Communities can provide support by staying informed, organizing events to promote local businesses, and assisting with traffic management. Collaboration is key in overcoming the challenges posed by road closures.


Road closures are an inevitable part of traveling in Washington State. By understanding the road closure system, planning ahead, and staying informed, you can effectively navigate through closures and minimize disruptions to your journey. Remember to be patient, considerate, and support local businesses and communities affected by these closures. Happy travels in the beautiful state of Washington!

Road Closures Washington State (2024)
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