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NYC Addiction Experts Worried About Sports Betting Expansion – Casino Reports

New York State’s mobile sports betting market only launched a few months ago, but it’s already one of the largest in the country. However, this has raised some concerns among addiction experts and local lawmakers, as there are reports that more and more people have sought help with issues related to their gambling activities.

The mobile sports betting regime launched on January 8, 2022, and the New York State Gaming Commission has licensed a total of nine betting operators to legally offer their digital products in the state. Since launch, the market has surpassed the US$5 billion mark, which means New Yorkers are active when it comes to team betting online.

Not enough funds available

One of the worried gambling experts is Jeffrey Wierzbicki, team leader of the Western Problem Gambling Resource Center in Buffalo. He said that more and more more people asked for help after the introduction of the market, and many of these people are young people. However, he says there is not enough funding to prevent and treat the rise in gambling addiction.

He claims that with mobile sports betting there is an immense increase in accessibility as 87% of the local population has a smartphone with constant access to these betting offers. According to him, the experience is quite different from that of land-based casinos, and it is easier for players to lose track how much money they spend, because it’s all just a click away.

State Senator George Borrello, said online sports betting was introduced to bring in more funds, however, this should not come at the expense of New Yorkers. He shared that he was concerned in general about the Empire State taking advantage of people’s addictions, and he explained that he was in favor of the introduction because other states are already taking advantage of it.

Joe Ceraulo, a 2020 graduate of Saint-Bonaventure University, says online sports betting is the best way for young people to get into it. He explains that sports betting increases viewership and sports talk shows also benefit. According to him, the offering creates more hardcore viewersand it also requires more resources to address potential problem gambling.

More opportunities on the way

However, New Yorkers should prepare for even greater expansion of the game as Senator Joe Addabbo seeks more opportunities. Recently, the senator said increasing mobile sports betting apps and introducing online gaming will be his number one priority. for the next state budget. Despite speculation, both items did not make it into this year’s budget.

On top of that, Mr. Addabbo shared that he and other lawmakers were considering some other changes in the rules of the game. For example, betting on things like the NFL Draft, Super Bowl props, and even the outcome of events like the Oscars and Grammys. He explains that novelty bets are not defined as a sport or sports bettingand that is why they are currently not available in an online form.

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