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40% of casino deposits at Softswiss – European Gaming Industry News

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The internet offers virtually endless possibilities, but unfortunately this applies to users as well as potential scammers. It already starts with fake stores that take money out of customers’ pockets via prepayment, but do not send any goods at all. Unfortunately, casinos are often affected by this too, because there are also fraudsters who act in this way. This considers online casinos as well as users. the Review of wagering at Casino.Guide is a highly respected online casino that caters to players who deposit with cryptocurrencies. The good news is that SoftSwiss saved more than 10 million euros last year thanks to its anti-fraud service. All the important news on will let you know the latest numbers.

The casino game

Stake Casino primarily caters to players who like to fulfill their banking, betting and bonus offers with cryptocurrencies. However, in addition to the different currency options, the casino also offers a great online casino experience. Stake Casino was founded in 2017 and is licensed in Curacao. With the wide offer of games and also with the field of sports betting, Stake has long been attracting attention in the casino world. Stake’s official betting partner is the world famous and hugely important martial arts organization UFC, which of course provides additional confidence. Thanks to this sponsorship, the operator was able to win the great athlete Israel Adesanya as a Stake brand ambassador.

Unlike its competitors, Stake relies exclusively on crypto payments. However, this does not mean that you can only pay with Bitcoin here, as other digital assets are also accepted as payment methods. These include Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum, among others. High rollers will feel particularly comfortable here that there is no limit to transactions.

Stake’s offer includes not only attractive campaigns, but also a very individual VIP program. Additional tournaments and events are also offered here. Depending on the turnover, premiums are paid here weekly or monthly as a bonus and without turnover conditions.

The transparency of Stake online casino is also worth mentioning, as details of all promotions are also available to unregistered customers. Especially in the area of ​​data protection, proves to be particularly secure. Here, registrations are possible exclusively with the 2-factor verification.

SoftSwiss provides fraud prevention solution

Even if the casino software manufacturer SoftSwiss is not really known in the world of players and users, it is only better known and appreciated by online casino operators. Ultimately, many online casinos use software from SoftSwiss. To name a few, these casinos include, for example, Spinia Casino, N1 Casino or Playamo Casino.

After all, the SoftSwiss software is designed precisely to be able to detect fraudulent activity and even minor suspicions are detected. Immediate intervention then ensures the protection of the players and of course the operators.

However, the SoftSwiss software not only offers the anti-fraud service, but there are also solutions for player verification. These games are immediately closely monitored and filtered accordingly. As a result, they must first submit certain documents for a withdrawal to be possible. It is imperative that casinos know exactly who they are ultimately dealing with. At the same time, online casino operators must also always be meticulous about meeting their licensing requirements. To make that clear, they still need to make sure they don’t allow minors to gamble, for example.

Thanks to the verification made possible by the SoftSwiss software, many fraudulent players are already spotted here in advance. Exactly these particular games are not able to submit the appropriate documents. In addition, counterfeits are also quickly detected in this way. In addition, additional verification mechanisms of the SoftSwiss anti-fraud service also ensure rapid detection of fraudulent players.

Online gambling and the different types of fraud

A fact, which is far from known to users of online casinos, is mainly that not only dubious online casinos pose a real danger, but also from casino players a not insignificant danger. These scammers often harm the operators to a considerable extent. There are certain types of fraud that contribute to the fact that these dishonest players, online casinos outright steal and thus obtain the money by unfair means.

Lesser known types of fraud

In fact, the abuse of bonus offers provides real harm to online casinos. In addition, the same applies if several player accounts are opened at the same time in a casino. Another problem is the use of game manipulation software. Another method often used is collusion with other players in an effort to gain an advantage in live casino games.

Additionally, other abusive behaviors are also targeted which contradict the terms and conditions of the casinos. For online casinos, fraudulent behavior is of course detrimental to business, because no one wants to be cheated last. However, exactly this behavior can be detected well with the help of the SoftSwiss anti-fraud service.

Fraud protection is fundamental to any participation

Online casinos must of course act immediately as soon as fraud is detected. Here it should be clear that in the end it is not only exclusively about the money of the operator, but certainly also the money of the other actors who operate a fair. As soon as a fraud is discovered, it generally results in the immediate exclusion of the casino in question. But this is only the first step, because the online casino operators, the fact that a criminal complaint is immediately filed, also the possibility for the cheater from all other online casinos of the respective provider to exclude or even to extend this to other providers.

Thus, the anti-fraud software from SoftSwiss not only ensures that fraudulent intentions are detected early and can thus be prevented in advance, but it also protects the online casinos themselves. It also ensures that online casino operators can block the scammer for other sites and close existing accounts in a very simple and uncomplicated way.