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Louisiana casino plans to move by 2024 | Economic news

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A riverside casino in Louisiana’s capital has received approval to move to land.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board this week unanimously approved the casino’s request to vacate its aging gaming boat and move into the casino’s atrium, media reported. The $35 million project, which will create 200 new jobs, is expected to begin construction in April and be completed in May 2024.

There will be a 16,500 square foot game room in the atrium along the river in downtown Baton Rouge as well as an oyster bar/bistro that will include a pizzeria, wine bar and bowling alleys . There will also be a bookmaker and a 2,500 square foot lounge.

“We see the high traffic it brings…as well as an energy,” said Stacy Stagg, vice president of non-gaming operations for CQ Holdings, which owns the casino.

There would also be access to the cruise ship dock. The docks would be used by American Cruise Lines, which would moor riverboats there for 10 hours, WBRZ-TV reported.

According to the plan, the 90-room casino hotel will also reopen after a renovation. He and his restaurants closed in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s a huge building,” said Terry Downey, president and CEO of CQ Holdings. “There is unlimited potential on this property.”

He said the demolition inside the hotel had already started.

This will be the second river casino to move ashore in Baton Rouge. Hollywood Casino, also owned by CQ Holdings, opened in 2021 and is expected to move landside in mid-2023.

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