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The music behind casino games

Today, more than three billion people regularly play online casino games, more than half of the world’s adult population. The global online gaming industry is estimated to reach over $180 billion in 2022 and continues to grow rapidly

Before joining the online revolution in the late 90s, casino games were already popular in many countries. However, being limited to physical land-based casinos meant that it was not accessible to all audiences.

Since casino games have been available on our PCs, laptops and mobile devices, their popularity has skyrocketed. Today, almost every adult member of society can access casino games at their convenience, comfort and safety.

Music and casinos have always gone hand in hand, whether through background music or nearby shows. Las Vegas, the most famous city of casinos in the world, is also a musical city and regularly attracts the greatest musical groups.

With online gaming, casinos have had the ability to add an individual soundtrack to each game. These soundtracks add extra dynamics to gameplay and provide a new way to engage players.

At some levels, the music behind casino games is simply additional entertainment for players. Over the years, however, providers have studied the effects of their music choices and refined the science of casino soundtracks.

It only takes 0.074 seconds for music to generate an emotional response in a listener. It can induce calm, create excitement, arouse nostalgia, or have many other significant effects.

So what’s a top casino website like Megaways Casino consider when adding musical soundtracks to their games?

Every casino provider wants to create trust in the perceived high quality of their platform. A high-quality soundtrack, whether in terms of audio production or hit songs, is a quick way to improve that perception.

You can question the quality of a platform if they only offer basic effects or poor quality recordings of unknown songs. However, hearing crystal-clear versions of the greatest pop songs will help him sound more professional and trustworthy.

Making players feel comfortable while playing is key to increasing their engagement. By playing familiar or relaxing music, this comfort can be quickly improved.

Recognizable, laid-back, low-tempo songs are a great way to create a comfortable atmosphere for most players. This is important because if we feel comfortable we are likely to stay and play longer.

Encouraging players to stay longer with a comfortable soundtrack is just one tactic used by casino providers. Another way to increase a player’s income is to increase their game speed.

Fast or aggressive music can have a dramatic effect on the pace and speed with which the listener moves. Simply put, faster music means faster gaming, which is especially important in the short gaming sessions favored by mobile gamers.

The odds favor the house in any casino game, but this is especially true for high risk, high reward games. Taking bigger chances can also increase the thrill, excitement, and perceived entertainment value for a player.

Certain music, like upbeat rock ‘n’ roll or heavy metal, can encourage our desire to take greater risks. Adding this type of music to a casino soundtrack can help create an atmosphere conducive to higher stakes video game.

Somewhere between relaxation and excitement, this is the perfect state for any online casino player to find their best goal. A focused player will not only play longer, they will also play better.

Music that helps eliminate distractions and engage the player in the task at hand is especially useful for multiplayer tournaments. A focused player is more likely to be a successful player, and a successful player is more likely to come back.

With all of this in mind, what are the most common styles of background music used for casino games?

It is the most popular music in the world, as its name suggests, which gives it a major advantage: familiarity. Pop music is one of the most used genres in casino games because it is instantly recognizable.

Beyond the comfort of hearing something we know, pop music is also typically short, crisp, and upbeat. This helps generate the perfect combination of quality, comfort and excitement for a long, happy and high-return game.

An ideal musical style for a casino soundtrack, hip-hop combines steady, steady beats with upbeat, high-tempo music. It also often contains lyrics that encourage pursuit of success, glamorous pursuits, earning money, and taking risks.

  • Progressive Jazz / House

These styles of music still offer something different from pop and hip hop and are particularly suitable for certain gamers. With less lyrics and less structure, these genres are ideal for promoting concentration, especially over long sessions.

Increasingly, as hardware, software, and streaming services have developed, gamers have the ability to create their own playlists. Although this reduces the provider’s direct influence on players’ moods, it allows players to manage their perfect environment.

Few of us are more at ease, relaxed, energized and focused than when listening to our favorite music. By creating our own casino soundtrack, we help make our gaming experience as engaging as possible.

Whether it’s Viva Las Vegas, Poker Face or Ace of Spades, casino music is always more than just a background. Next time you play, maybe listen more carefully to what’s playing and think about how you feel.