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99 Jams Celebrates Sixth Year and Awards Community Leaders at Manhattan Casino on April 2 –

Tomorrow, 99 Jams will celebrate its 6th anniversary and the community is invited out for musical performances, a raffle, refreshments and food vendors.

BY JA JONES, editor

ST. PETERSBURG – This Saturday, April 2, WUJM, 99 jams will celebrate their sixth anniversary with a day and night of events.

The celebration begins at noon at the radio station, located at 3521 5th Ave N, St. Pete. The station’s DJs and radio personalities will showcase their musical offerings throughout the day, along with musical performances, a raffle, refreshments and food vendors.

Radio talents such as DJ Snypa from Roots Connection, Tony Charles from Blues & Oldies Moments of Passion, The Zeeman and co-host Ajay from Friday Night Old School Show, Ric G DJ R One from The PAC JAM Show, DJ Rich from Classic Throwback Jams and others, will get the grooves spinning.

Live entertainment will be provided by local and international artists including Cheff the Entertainer, King Russel, Wayne Stoddart and Sojo The Ladies Champ.

After the day’s events wrap up at 8 p.m., fans who register can head to Manhattan Casino to continue the celebration with a semi-official awards show and fundraiser.

Donald Jackson, 99.1 Jams operator and general manager

Donald Jackson, operator and general manager of 99.1 Jams, noted that it took 12 years for the Caribbean Festival Association (CARIFESTA, Inc.) to obtain the station’s broadcasting license in 2015.

The organization built the 99.1 FM radio station at 3625 Central Ave. and officially launched it on Saturday, April 2, 2016. Since then, the station has offered a wide variety of music programs. programs playing Gospel, Reggae, Old School, Rhythm & Blues, Hip Hop, Latin Music and Soca.

Community leaders and activists have also had long-running programs airing local news, issues and topics.

Local interest shows include the Tampa Bay Breakfast Club with Bro John Mohammad and Jabbar Edmonds, What’s at Stake with Dr. Manuel Sykes, Legal Talk with attorney Michelle Fanger, the Everything Health Show, as well as the Youth Explosion educational program with Donald Jackson. and April Williams.

Jackson shared that the sixth anniversary was designed with the idea of ​​the evening recognition ceremony as the culmination. “We recognize our efforts and the contributions of our staff, animators; we’re all volunteers,” Jackson said.

Adding that weathering six years in the business hasn’t been easy, Jackson was keen to pay tribute to his staff and staff, who “really held on.”

“We had tough times, tough times,” he noted, acknowledging that while the community has contributed, in some years, up to 40% of the costs, that still left over 60% of the costs not counted – the best years. Jackson used his own finances to cover expenses.

But, for him, the important thing was that “we put all the sources together to make the radio live”.

And post-COVID, he also felt that radio station staff and community leaders needed recognition.

“Staff took it upon themselves to do the shows from home during COVID. We closed the station and the DJs chose to do their concerts from home. I provided the platform and the means that technology enabled them to work from home – the way the station never stopped.

The awards ceremony begins at 9 p.m. at the Manhattan Casino.

“We want to recognize not only the people of the station, but also the people who have also given service to the community. The station just wanted to take the initiative to recognize people who worked in St. Petersburg, local leaders, some of whom were never recognized for their efforts. We just want to say that these people were our unsung heroes.

All festivities are free, but reservations are required for the prize giving. Click here to join for the 99 Jams 6th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraising and Awards Banquet at Manhattan Casino.

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