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The importance of trusting your online casino review site and why Playcasino is worth it

Whether you’re just starting to gamble online or consider yourself a seasoned pro, you’ve probably checked out a casino review site or two. We could all use more reliable information regarding recently launched online casinos. It’s also worth noting that as interest in virtual gambling halls grows, so does the number of these sites with seemingly trustworthy reviews. The question, however, is what exactly checks the reliability of a press review website.

Keep in mind that it would be great not to be shy about trusting a review website. But alas, we live in a time when everything can be bought and paid for. Not only are the ratings suspect, but so are the reviews. There are literally hundreds of reviews all over the internet claiming to be the most honest review of the best South African online casinos.

This makes it harder to trust this source. For this reason, only a select few review sites manage to attract and retain a consistent readership. However, you are not alone if you are wary of online casino review sites. In this article, we’ll explain how to take the guesswork out of whether or not to trust a review site and why is the best casino review site for South African players.

1. Reviewers do a lot of research for you

Investigating an online casino is the same as investigating any other company before doing business with them. If you’re not careful, you could fall prey to the many scammers lurking online, waiting to take advantage of naive players. However, doing your own research can be quite boring, even when it comes to the topic that really interests you. At PlayCasino, expert casino reviewers are tasked with researching and putting everything they’ve gathered into one easy-to-follow review.

So what kind of information is crucial to know? First, reviewers ensure that casinos are licensed and monitored by a reputable body. If the regulatory body is strict, you will have peace of mind that the casino is reputable and your money is safe. PlayCasino also pays special attention to customer service. They will receive a lower rating if they have a history of being slow to respond to player questions and complaints.

2. They browse the game catalog

When shopping for a new online casino, you always want to know if the casino offers games that interest you. Moreover, it is crucial to know if the games are fair and random. It is unfortunately true that many online games are rigged, which is why it is essential to check whether the casino software is approved by eCOGRA.

Luckily, with PlayCasino by your side, you don’t have to do it alone. Reviewers carefully examine the entire catalog of games and even make a list of the best. You will also see if there is a live casino or certain table games that you might be interested in.

3. They also cover the negatives

A good review site such as PlayCasino will also highlight the disadvantages of certain casinos. Many review sites in the market sing songs praising certain casinos, without any basis. This means that these websites are unreliable and you should not try their reviews. This is not the case with PlayCasino. Although the website carefully chooses which casinos to highlight, it doesn’t shy away from saying all the downsides.

4. Payment methods are evaluated

Fast, easy and secure withdrawal and deposit options are a must. Online gambling establishments also need their customers to disclose their theoretical return to player percentages.

All deposit options at are checked to ensure that they are acceptable to our South African players. Creating an account with an online gambling establishment that only accepts cumbersome payment methods is pointless.

Additionally, players should be aware that some casinos have hidden fees for making deposits and withdrawals. So that you are not caught off guard by the few extra rands that some casinos reluctantly collect, reviews always make sure to expose the hidden costs of casinos.

5. You will see user testimonials

Although the reviews you see on are professional reviews, sometimes you will find that there is a section of the review that includes user testimonials about the casino. This adds a lot of credibility to the site and is a great bonus. During a review, pros can check out the site, create an account, and play a few games, but regular customers will get the most trusted reviews.