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If successful, New York online casino gaming may not be 24/7 at first

Online casino gaming may be coming to New York, but it may not be 24/7, at least initially.

Senator Joe Addabbo mentioned the possibility that the Empire State would limit the daily gambling hours of New York online casinos during the SBC North America Summit Wednesday.

“That’s something I’ll talk to my legal counsel about when we start drafting the wording (of the bill),” Addabbo said. PlayNY after the conference. “We will be taking a lot of comments during this period. That’s why I’m throwing it there.

Conversations have begun for the legalization of online casinos in New York

Addabbo and counterpart Assembl. Gary Pretlow – who are both up for re-election in their respective constituencies – will again seek to push the legal expansion of online casino gambling in next year’s legislative session.

Addabbo introduced an iGaming expansion bill at the end of last year’s session to start the conversation.

Addabbo had already said PlayNY that the biggest obstacle to the expansion of online casino games would be addiction. The iGaming bill that did not move forward included an additional $11 million in funding to address gambling addiction.

Addabbo was still determining the period during which players could play online casino games.

New York could always increase the number of hours – or go to 24/7 – if it starts in this format. None of the physical casinos in the state are open 24/7. Admittedly, operators may not want to stop online casino gaming cash flow during nights, for example.

The question remains around addiction treatment

The previous bill provided that New York would receive an estimate $475 million annually in tax revenue, plus $150 million in one-time licensing fees for casinos, operators, and independent contractors seeking to do business in the state.

“iGaming’s population is large – especially in New York in my opinion,” Addabbo said. “We’ve seen how successful mobile sports betting is, and it’s just sports fans. iGaming is a bit different. It’s poker, it’s table games, it’s slot machines.

“So the idea is that I think with the population (gambling pool) being larger, that would mean a larger population for the possibility of problem gambling and addiction. That being said, how do we address that? We we could put caps, we could do some reporting and we could also limit the hours.”

New York has seen the legalization of online sports betting and the acceleration of the three downstate casino licenses in consecutive legislative sessions. If the past is any indication, the online casino is more likely to pass 2024 rather than 2023.

However, a compromise is often necessary. A limited number of hours of online casino play – at least initially – could be one of them.