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Top 7 Celebrities Who Gamble Online Casino –

Gambling is an entertaining activity that millions of people around the world regularly enjoy. While some are expecting a big win, others are looking for the thrill. Then some want to relax after a long day at work. Either way, it’s a fun activity that many do on a regular basis.

Among the millions of players, some celebrities love to play casino games. What we talk about new jersey slot sites or land establishments, celebrities like to feel the bloodshed as they place their bets. In this article, we will mention seven celebrities who regularly gamble in online casinos.

Ben Affleck

One of the most famous actors, Ben Affleck, was a famous casino goer. He is known to have visited many casinos in Las Vegas. He caused a lot of drama back then because he was known to be a good card counter. This got him banned from several casinos. Also, the game was something he had to control. Yet he probably plays slots in pa because it’s a fun thing to do. With the growing popularity of smartphones, this has become easier than ever. People don’t need to leave their homes to try their luck playing different slot machine games.

An interesting fact is that Ben is a good poker player, and it’s one of his favorite casino games. The fact that he won the California State Poker Championships says a lot about his poker skills.

Matt Damon

Another actor who made the list is Matt Damon. The star of Rounders, one of the best casino movies you can watch, must have sparked his interest in casinos. Not many people know this, but Matt is a huge poker fan. Like Ben, rumor has it that he’s good at playing it too. However, you won’t find him playing in public. He prefers privacy and that’s why he only likes private games of Texas Hold’em. Since poker is a game of skill, it’s interesting to see that Ben and Matt are good at it. Looks like they spent quite a bit of time playing it.

Michael Jordan

People liked Michael Jordan the last dance. It perfectly described how competitive Michael was, and still is to this day. His competitiveness also translated into gambling. Since he has already made a lot of money in his career, he was not gambling and betting just to make more money, he wanted to be better than others. That’s why he placed crazy bets, including thousands of dollars on a single or rock, paper, scissors game. It shows how much one of the best players in the NBA loves the game. It’s the thrill of winning that motivates him to play. What’s funny is that he’s not the only one. Many athletes enjoy playing because of their competitiveness. The same goes for the next person on the list.

Charles Barkley

Another incredible athlete who loves the game is Charles Barkley. While MJ loved sports betting, Charles also enjoys playing other casino games. Whether it’s poker, blackjack or slot machines, Charles always has fun playing them. He has admitted many times that his love for the casino will always be with him because he loves the thrill so much. Still, he had to cut his spending over the years as the NBA superstar bet millions of dollars. The interesting part is that his solution was to lower the maximum bets to thousands of dollars. He no longer places million-dollar bets, which leaves him with plenty of money to have fun with.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is a famous actress with a passion for casino games. His favorite games are table games. She used to gamble a lot more in the past, and she probably enjoys online casinos now because of their convenience.

Floyd Mayweather

The boxing sports star is known for his massive wins and hundreds of millions in earnings under his belt. One of the ways athletes have fun is through play, and Floyd is no different. He is known to have had a crazy time at the casino, spending a lot of money gambling. It’s really no wonder, as he has a big bankroll for his time at the casino.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is famous for being an impeccably focused and successful golfer. Interestingly though, beneath all that stability is a competitive athlete who likes to have fun in the casino. Woods started acting at an early age, and it remains one of his favorite ways to have fun.


These are just a few celebrities who like to gamble like the rest of the world. The list grows with many household names who are eager to play like everyone else. This is no surprise as many people in love find the thrill that comes with it irresistible. With new technologies, the world of online casinos will become even more attractive to players from all walks of life.